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     Rael Wienburg

From time-to-time we give our readers the opportunity to express themselves on our Opinion page about issues pertaining to world affairs. This week, Mr. Rael Wienburg shares his personal views on President Trump’s term of office.

I’m so frustrated about what is happening in the United States of America. I find ‘United’ is a contradiction in terms considering what happened during the President Trump term with the handling of the tragic Covid-19 virus and the insanity surrounding their dysfunctional governance.

Dysfunctional? Well, the Congress and Senate are spending an inordinate amount of time and money attempting to legalise the former President’s second Impeachment, when we all know the 2/3rd majority needed will probably not be reached. Meanwhile they have a deadly virus which continues to kill over 4,000 Americans each day and that figure will increase to 5,000 daily in a few weeks.

If hindsight is 20/20, and former President Donald Trump had demonstrated and promoted Physical Distancing and mask wearing from April 2020, when we all heard him tell Woodward how dangerous the Covid-19 virus was at the time, tens of thousands of American lives could have been saved. If not hundreds of thousands!

What would the US death total be now if Trump had followed his own and the world’s medical experts advice and protocols from April 2020?

Well, the United States is approximately 1/24th of the World’s population, therefore 1/24th of the current World death total of 2,160,000, would be 90,000 deaths from the virus. But the USA presently owns 1/5th of the World’s total of Covid-19 deaths with close to 455,000.

I sincerely believe if the former President of the United States Donald Trump had promoted and observed the health protocols of Physical Distancing and mask wearing at his 70 rallies and meetings he held, it’s quite conceivable 335,000 American lives could have been saved.

If the former President Donald Trump had followed the health protocols and had a safe pre-march rally, the tens of thousands of his followers would not have been at the Capitol on December 6th and the Insurrection would not have happened. So, why isn’t former President Donald Trump being impeached for this?

I believe the media dropped the ball by not pushing the fact that Trump held rally after rally with no Physical Distancing and little mask wearing. All he wanted was to cram as many of his followers into the many arenas as possible to increase his chances of winning the election. What about the Democrat politicians? Why were they not pushing for the health protocols to be observed and promoted by the President? In fact Trump mocked mask wearing many times, yet no major complaints or protests from anyone!

Why weren’t the public at large protesting Trump ignoring the health protocols at his many rallies and meetings? The general public was there in numbers at the many BLM protests, but why weren’t they protesting the Trump rallies and at the Capitol?

Finally, I find it incomprehensible that former President Trump was allowed, yes allowed to challenge the voting process so many times, costing millions upon millions of dollars, at a time when the Covid-19 virus was spreading far and wide and all hands should have been on deck ensuring a smooth transition of power. I believe he was deflecting from his real crime, his crimes against humanity!

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