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“The greatness of a nation lies in its courage to look at its history in the face.” **

Welcome to jewishinfoNews. Based in Canada, we are the first international English language Internet news and video service of its kind reporting on news and events of particular interest to Jewish and non-Jewish communities worldwide. JewishinfoNews is a non-commercial educational project which receives no subsidies and has no contracts with any government, corporate, non-profit or any other organization. JewishinfoNews does not participate in any commercial activity, or knowingly promotes a product or service that encourages the reader to purchase that product or service.


1. To foster democratic participation for the achievement of peace and security between Jews and non-Jews by the free flow of information and knowledge, and to advance understanding, acceptance and solidarity between all people.

2. To reject intolerance, antisemitism/virulent Judeophobia, Islamophobia, hate, ethnocentric violence and conflict through dialogue and negotiation among individuals.

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* Source: WordPress

** Credited to M. Francis Kalifat, president of CRIF, the political representative body of the organized Jewish community in France.

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