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“Any nation, any society, any country that is created on the basis of a hatred towards the others, will soon run out of people that it can hate or groups it can decimate and it will devour itself.”

-Tarek Fatah, UNHRC, Geneva. March 2013.

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What is jewishinfoNews >>>?

Based in Canada,  jewishinfoNews >>> is the first international English language free Internet news and video service of its kind reporting on news and events of particular interest to Jewish and non-Jewish communities world-wide.

As of March 28, 2018 our news service has been viewed by readers in over 200+ countries*.

We regularly examine journals and scores of reports from government agencies, international organizations and media.

Our NEWS, SPECIAL REPORTS, EDITORIAL COMMENTS and VIDEO SERVICE provide information that has value, such as unusual or enlightened new material and content that might not be reported yet on mass media websites, or through email subscriber lists.

We do not screen reports for the quality of research methods. We believe that it is important that everyone learn of published research in their area of interest, even if the research may be seriously in question.

Alan Simons
Founder and Publisher



 *  Source: WordPress