Opinion: “Shame on You!”


“To my brothers and sisters, of all affiliations, whether you are orthodox, conservative, or reform, or even if you are a non-believer but Jewish by birth, stand up to bullies”

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By Elayne Eisenberg

May 28, 2021: Where are the Righteous Among the Nations now? Where are these heroes now? Where are the righteous non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jews from extermination by the Nazis? During these troubled days and weeks where antisemitism has reared its ugly head where are you Righteous People?

Shame on you who are Black for not supporting us. Did you forget when we marched beside you during the Civil Rights movement?  Jewish activists represented more than half of the people who participated in the Mississippi Freedom Summer in 1964. Jews have supported civil rights laws addressing discrimination in voting, housing, and employment against people of colour. You of all people should understand persecution and discrimination more than anyone else.

Shame on you who are in the LGBTQ community for not speaking out. We marched with you at Gay Pride parades and fought for your right to marry a same-sex partner. The Jews have supported the LGBTQ community. Why won’t you support us? Why do you not speak out?

Shame on you of Asian descent. Did the Jews welcome you when you were immigrants to Canada? Did we not support and remain loyal to your businesses and applaud when you became successful?

Shame on you academics who teach your impressionable students that the Holocaust never happened. Shame on you for fueling and inciting hatred on your campuses. How in G-d’s name can you call yourself an educator? How do you sleep at night after a day of demonizing the Jewish State?

Shame on you self-hating Jews who listen and believe the propaganda of Hamas and the PLO.  Do you not identify with the Jewish people’s struggles since the beginning of time? Do you not know that Israel has never initiated a war against any of her enemies? Do you not know that Israel warns her attackers in advance of a defensive attack? How can you not know that Israel unlike her enemies will not send bombs into civilian areas? Shame on you for taking off your Kippa and Star of David and your Mezuzah’s.

Shame on all of you non-Jews who denounce Israel and the Jewish people but still use your mobiles and your computers and take medications and vaccines most of which originated in Israel. You who boast that your doctor, lawyer, accountant, and dentists are Jewish, but you still make antisemitic remarks about the Jews. How do you do that while turning to these professionals for your own personal wellbeing? What about much of the music you enjoy. Did you know that most of the Christmas carols that you love to sing were written by Jews? How about the talented singers, actors, directors, and writers a huge number proportionally who were Jews and who have entertained the world?

Antisemitism is an insidious and crippling disease that cannot be erased or cured with vaccines and antibiotics. The only way to rid the world of antisemitism is by parents educating their children and denouncing racial and ethnic discrimination. Not only Jews but all other races must challenge all racial slurs whether it be against Jews, Blacks, Asians, LGBTQ, and Muslims. Teach your children tolerance for those of different beliefs. Remember, hatred is not innate…it is learned.

To my brothers and sisters, of all affiliations, whether you are orthodox, conservative, or reform, or even if you are a non-believer but Jewish by birth, stand up to bullies. Do not be afraid to speak up. Wear your kippahs and Stars of David. Wear them with pride. Place your Mezuzah on your doorposts. Do not live in fear.


Elayne Isenberg is a freelance blogger and website writer based in Toronto. She can be contacted at jewishinfonews@protonmail.com


-Your post is succinct, accurate, remarkably polite and overall brilliant! Thank you for it. My daughter and her Jewish classmates in medical school are struggling against viciously antisemitic students and faculty. Their complaints have been ignored at best and generally belittled, with ridiculous retorts like “the Moslem students are facing the same issues”. Your piece will add to her Hasbara toolbox. – EW, Toronto, Canada

-Bravo, Elayne Eisenberg! Your message should be prominent in all mainstream media. – RK, Toronto, Canada.

-Well written, with the points clearly set out.  – AC, Toronto, Canada

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