Crisis. Diaspora at the Crossroads?

“Are we floundering in a sea of self-importance, self-centred and swaggering declarations, that are not only communicated to death, but offend and push non-Jews away from us?”

by Alan Simons

Frank Luntz, the US-based political and business pollster, once said: “Non-Jews do not want to hear our complaints. They want to know our solutions.” I agree with him whole heartedly. Unfortunately, as I see it, the vast majority of Diaspora Jews and Jewish institutions continue to go their merry way in making sure their messages do everything to conceivably extricate a dialogue with non-Jewish communities.

Most of our messages are floundering in a sea of self-importance, self-centred and swaggering declarations, that are not only communicated to death, but offend and push non-Jews away from us.

When on earth are we, in the Diaspora, going to cease telling all how important we are to the world and, as Luntz says, start to articulate what our solutions are?

As it was written some time ago, the Jews are a “famously accomplished group. They make up 0.2 percent of the world population, yet 54 percent of the world chess champions are Jews, 27 percent of the Nobel physics laureates and 31 percent of the medicine laureates are Jews. Jews make up 2 percent of the U.S. population, but 21 percent of the Ivy League student bodies, 26 percent of the Kennedy Center honorees, 37 percent of the Academy Award-winning directors, 38 percent of those on a recent Business Week list of leading philanthropists, 51 percent of the Pulitzer Prize winners for nonfiction.” How many times have we read that every computer in the world has a component that was invented in Israel? Or that our contribution in the field of medicine and science is second to none.

Yes, yes, yes, all of this is commendable and may make some of us personally feel – dare I say it – superior. But to the vast majority of virulent Judeophobic hate mongering bigots, who actually have a brain in their head, well, they couldn’t care a damn!

Yet, we in the Diaspora seem to insist in wanting to pander to them, to secure, as it were, our place in history. Well, in my mind, we have already accomplished that, and not just in the past two hundred or so years.

And what can positively be achieved by the never-ending outpouring of comments from Jews regarding Jewish vs Islamic Nobel Prize comparisons?

Some years ago Luntz stated: “Over the past 20 years, we have developed some very destructive communication habits that have seriously undermined our efforts and the causes we believe in. Our words lose their resonance and our style and tone offend… We push people away when we should pull them in.”

Our Diaspora doesn’t have the reputation for being circumspect about our achievements, but seems to be lost in a quagmire of guarded pessimism with regard to our future. And that simply means the Iranians, Hamas, Hezbollah, Hizb-ut Tahrir and all their lot, thrive on our wallowing.

I was once told of a group of Canadian and American Jews who had a meeting in Israel with the late Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. They proceeded to give him some advice as to how Israel should handle their enemy. Sharon was incensed. In essence, he told them to go back to where they came from and handle their own issues, not Israel’s.

Perhaps this is the crux of the matter for Jewish organisations in the Diaspora, especially in North America. Perhaps it’s easier to indulge in giving advice from afar, even though it’s not wanted, than to face and communicate to the vast majority of non-Jews at home on possible solutions to religious intolerance, antisemitism, hate and violence.

All of this of course means open public dialogue and cooperation among individuals. How many Jewish organisations do you know who are willing to venture out of their closet mind-set and chance that?

Well anyway, that’s how I see it.

Alan Simons, is an author, ghost writer and social activist and is the publisher of jewishinfoNews.

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SEVENTY YEARS LATER – “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” | “The more things change, the more they stay the same”

Thank God there’s an Israel!

بفضل الله، هناك إسرائيل

ہم اسرائیل کے پاس خدا کا شکر ہے

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The stench of hate, pure evil and foul disease continues unabated


Hamastan celebrates with a Satanic holiday

by Alan Simons

by Alan Simons

Over ninety years ago, in 1923, David Lloyd George, former Prime Minister of Britain, was quoted as saying:

“Of all the bigotries that savage the human temper there is none so stupid as the anti-Semitic. In the sight of these fanatics, Jews of today can do nothing right. If they are rich, they are birds of prey. If they are poor, they are vermin. If they are in favour of war, that is because they want to exploit the bloody feuds of Gentiles to their own profit. If they are anxious for peace, they are instinctive cowards or traitors. If he lives in a strange land, he must be persecuted and progrommed out of it. If he wants to go back to his own land, he must be prevented.”

Jump to 1937. In Lord Peel’s Palestine Royal Commission Report of July 1937, alluding to Arab nationalism it states in part:

“The ugliest element in the picture remains to be noted. Arab nationalism in Palestine has not escaped infection with the foul disease which has so defiled the cause of nationalism in other lands. Acts of  ‘terrorism’ in various parts of the country have long been only too familiar reading in the newspapers… intimidation at the point of a revolver has become a not infrequent feature of Arab politics. Attacks by Arabs on Jews, unhappily, are no new thing.” (Chapter V, item 45)

The Report adds that what the Jews, “most fear is a crystallization of the National Home as it is, leaving the Jews in a permanent minority in Palestine, exposed to the possibility of Arab domination or even, in certain not inconceivable circumstances, of suffering the fate that befell the Greeks at Smyma or the Assyrian’s in ‘Iraq.”

And now, here we are in 2014. During these past days in Jerusalem and beyond we have seen women and children murdered and today a terror attack on a synagogue, the result of which was lauded by Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri who said in a statement. “Hamas calls for more operations like it.” In a separate statement Islamic Jihad added, “Islamic Jihad salutes the operation in Jerusalem which is a natural response to the crimes of the occupier.” The two terrorists killed four rabbis and a policeman died of his injuries this evening. The terrorists used a gun and meat cleavers. At least eight other people were injured.

And right on cue, this noxious act, orchestrated by the devil, became a Satanic holiday in Hamastan.  

Obama responds, sort of!

President Obama in one statement today explained it this way. “This is a tragedy for both nations, Israel and the United States.” He added, “Too many Israelis have died. Too many Palestinians have died.” According to news sources, Obama made no acknowledgement to the identity of the terrorists, who have been identified as Palestinians from east Jerusalem. Thank you for nothing Mr.President!

And to round it off, what did Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas have to say. Well, The Times of Israel reported that Abbas condemned the “fatal terror attack against worshippers in a Jerusalem synagogue Tuesday morning, as a senior member of his Fatah party justified it as a reaction to Israeli actions in Jerusalem and the West Bank.” Oh yeah?

PA and Abbas support terror in Jerusalem

According to Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), “In an interview on November 5, 2014, during the current period of Palestinian terror attacks and riots in Jerusalem, Palestinian Authority Supreme Shari’ah Judge and Abbas’ advisor Mahmoud Al-Habbash assured Palestinians that PA Chairman Abbas and the PA leadership support the riots, unrest, and terror attacks that killed civilians.  Al-Habbash said on camera:

First of all, allow me to say that we kiss every forehead, every hand and even every foot that carries out Ribat (religious conflict/ war over land claimed to be Islamic) at the Al-Aqsa Mosque and in Jerusalem… We are behind them. The leadership is with them… We are with them in every movement, in every action and every deed, and we welcome what they are doing at the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.” [Official PA TV, Nov. 5, 2014]  

He stressed that the PA knows Abbas “may have angered the Israelis… that the President is inciting the Palestinians from Jerusalem.” He then confirmed this and said: “Yes, we are inciting the people in Jerusalem to [perform] Ribat.”  

Al-Habbash used the term Ribat to describe the recent actions by Palestinians in Jerusalem – a term that signifies religious conflict/war to defend or reconquer land defined as Islamic.”

In addition, PMW recorded on October 28,2014 that “Palestinian Authority TV produced a short video of Mahmoud Abbas calling for Palestinians to prevent ‘in any way’ Jews from going to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Significantly, PA TV then broadcast it 19 times in 3 days. For this video PA TV chose the part of Abbas’ speech of Oct. 17 in which he implicitly calls for Jerusalem’s Arabs to use violence against Israelis. Jews’ presence at the site which is holy to Jews and Muslims, Abbas said, ‘defiles’ the Islamic holy site and must prevented ‘in any way.’ Palestinian Media Watch has reported that expressions like ‘in any way’ and ‘using all means’ are common PA euphemisms for various degrees of violence and terror.”

Back to 1937. In concluding the 396-page Palestinian Royal Commission Report, Lord Peel wrote: “Numberless men and women all over the world would feel a sense of deep relief if somehow an end could be put to strife and bloodshed in a thrice hallowed land.”

Seventy-seven years later, he is not alone. 

One year earlier, in 1936, Canada’s national public radio and television broadcaster was re-branded as CBC/Radio-Canada. It has served Canada with distinction, respect and clarity for many years. Times have changed. Canada’s dear, old and I’ve-lost-my-direction CBC featured today the following disgraceful headline, “Jerusalem police fatally shoot 2 after apparent synagogue attack.” Honest Reporting Canada referred to it prominently by demanding “CBC Must Apologize for Disgraceful Headline in Jerusalem Terror Attack Coverage.” I agree! Here’s the link. >Click here<

Later this evening CBC Radio News, in a similar story, were referring to “Jewish rabbis.” As if there were any other kind! Who is writing this garbage? 

(Photo source:  

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SEVENTY YEARS LATER - "Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose" | "The more things change, the more they stay the same"

SEVENTY YEARS LATER – “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” | “The more things change, the more they stay the same”

 Thank God there’s an Israel!

بفضل الله، هناك إسرائيل

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  اخبار یهودی

Tuesday, March 25, 2014: News on the fly!

What Others Are Saying

U.S. voices support for Supreme Leader’s decree about nuclear weapons

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced on Voice of America that he has high regard for the Fatwa (religious decree) regarding nuclear issues put forth by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.  In an interview on VOA, Kerry said: “I show a lot of respect for this fatwa as it is a religious message and is highly respected by people.” He stressed that he and the U.S. president welcome such a fatwa but he added that the fatwa now needs to be framed in legal terms.

BBC reports on Hamas rally in Arabic – but not in English

Whilst visitors to the BBC Arabic website on March 23rd were informed that a Hamas rally attended by tens of thousands had taken place in Gaza City earlier in the day, those visiting the main English language BBC News website found no report on that topic and hence would have no idea of the rhetoric against Israel, Egypt and the Palestinian Authority which was part and parcel of the event.

 Fatah official: “We have not cast down the rifle”

At a ceremony in support of PA Chairman Abbas in Jericho Fatah Central Committee member Tawfiq Tirawi reiterated Fatah’s adherence to the use of weapons as “one of the methods of struggle.” Shouting that “the rifle is here, and it can burst forth at any moment,” Tirawi stated that the rifle “will burst forth from this [current] leadership… and if we are no longer alive… [from] our sons, our young lions.”

Turkey, Israel likely to sign compensation deal after local elections: Deputy PM

A compensation deal between Turkey and Israel over the Mavi Marmara raid is likely to be signed after local elections, Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç has said.  The final reconciliation text on the monetary figure was delivered by Israel last month, Arınç said, adding that the Turkish government would re-evaluate and turn it into an official agreement to be approved by the two countries after the March 30 elections.  When the agreement is signed, relations between Israel and Turkey could be normalized at a diplomatic level with the two countries assigning ambassadors, he added.  Arınç said the agreement needed to be approved by the Turkish Parliament after it is signed while adding that the process to normalize relations could begin immediately after the two countries agree to a deal.

Syrians and Russians top asylum demands to EU

Syrians fleeing war and Russians topped the list of those asking for asylum in the EU last year.  Around 90 percent of the asylum demands last year were made for the first time. Figures released on Monday (24 March) from the EU statistical office, Eurostat, reveal Syrians top the list of asylum demands with 50,000 applications, followed by 41,000 Russians and 26,000 Afghans.  The EU received a total of 435,000 asylum applications last year, 100,000 more compared to 2012. Most applications were issued for the first time. Eurostat compared the numbers to those in 2008, noting that Syrian and Russian applications have increased significantly in the intervening years.  Around 5,000 Syrians asked for asylum in 2008, ten times fewer than in 2013. Russian applications have almost doubled since 2008.

Carter Blames Jews for Obama’s Snubs

Former President Jimmy Carter is back in the news this week publicizing a new book about women’s rights. But, as is often the case with Carter, he drew more interest for comments he made about Israel and its supporters. When asked on NBC’s Meet the Press yesterday by Andrea Mitchell why it was that Barack Obama never called upon him for advice, he made it clear that the Jewish state was the reason he has been treated like a pariah:  I—that’s a hard question– for me to answer—you know, with complete candor. I think the problem was that– that in dealing with the issue of peace in– between Israel and Egypt– the Carter Center has taken a very strong and public position of equal treatment between the Palestinians and the Israelis. And I think this was a sensitive area in which the president didn’t want to be involved.

Russian TV Presenter Evelyn Zakamskaya: ‘Jews Brought Holocaust on Themselves’

Russian state TV presenter Evelyn Zakamskaya told a live television show that Jews brought the Holocaust upon themselves.  The stunning claim was captured during an interview about the Ukraine crisis and the annexation of Crimea.  The host of the interview said to Zakamskaya that it was “strange” that Jewish organisations support the Ukrainian Maidan protest movement. “They do not realise that they are, with their own hands, closer to the Holocaust?” said the host, insinuating that the Maidan protesters were right-wing extremists.  Zakamskaya responded, in Russia, that “they [Jews] also advanced the first [Holocaust].” Miriam Elder of BuzzFeed has confirmed the translation from Russian to English as “accurate, if incomplete”.

Bomb maker skipped return to Pakistan for mission to kidnap Jews

Indian Mujahideen’s chief bomb maker, Pakistani national Waqas alias Javed, would have escaped the clutches of law had the outfit not roped him in its ambitious plan of kidnapping Jews to free Pakistani neuroscientist Afia Siddiqui languishing in a US jail.  Sometime around March 2013, IM had planned to evacuate Waqas and the outfit’s current India operations chief Tehsin Akhtar alias Monu to Pakistan via Nepal. The outfit had even managed to get their fake passports made from Kerala. However, the evacuation plan was shelved after the kidnap-Jews-to-free-Siddiqui plan was discussed.  According to the charge-sheet filed by National Investigation Agency (NIA), a chat between Pakistan-based IM founder Riyaz Bhatkal and the outfit’s then India operations chief Yasin Bhatkal on March 9, 2013 had discussed the evacuation plan. 

Alarmed by antisemitism, French Jews consider flight

More French Jews immigrated to Israel last year than US Jews, and Israel expects ever more of the French to make the move in coming years. One of their prime motivations to settle in the Jewish state: antisemitism. “I am French, born in Paris, says Salome Roussel. “I’m thinking about moving to Israel, because French people are more and more against Jews. They say we are a lobby, that we are the masters of the world, and it’s not so!”  Roussel, 38, is not alone. Growing numbers of French Jews are not just thinking about starting a new life in Israel: Record numbers of them are taking action. Last year 3,120 French Jews moved to Israel, according to the Israeli Immigration Ministry, a jump of 63 percent on the previous year. They even outnumbered US immigrants to Israel.  Antisemitism and poor economic prospects were the most cited reasons for leaving.  Around half a million Jews live in France, so those 3,120 only make a tiny dent in the population. But they are indicative of a “bad climate for Jews in France” propagated by extremists, Roger Cukierman, president of the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions (CRIF), told France Info.

Secular lawyers [in the UK] threaten action over Law Society Sharia wills guide

 Lawyers threatened the Law Society with possible legal action today in the wake of Chancery Lane’s recent guidance on drafting Sharia law-compliant wills. The leader of the Lawyers’ Secular Society (LSS) pilloried the solicitors’ representation body for being “incredibly naive” and caving into religious lobbying groups, following a practice note sent to solicitors on 13 March. LSS secretary Charlie Klendjian criticised the Law Society for issuing guidance that “displays an assumption that Muslims are a monolithic bloc. The society may have been motivated by good intentions, but the only way of having a truly multi-cultural and diverse society that is fair is to have one law for everyone in the jurisdiction, and not to do anything that undermines the primacy of English law”.

Egypt prevents Gaza pilgrims from crossing Rafah

Egyptian authorities prevented hundreds of pilgrims from returning home to Gaza on Monday after closing the Rafah crossing, witnesses said.  The passengers, who were returning from the Umrah pilgrimage to Mecca, arrived at Rafah on Monday afternoon but were forced to go back to the city of el-Arish by Egypt’s army.  The pilgrims spent the night at the bus station in the city before trying to cross on Tuesday. Many Palestinian pilgrims say Egyptian security procedures slow down their return to the Gaza Strip. . .  There have been frequent closures of the Rafah terminal in recent months due to political unrest in Egypt and violence in the Sinai peninsula, placing an added burden on Gaza Strip residents.  After the July coup that deposed president Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s army has repeatedly closed the Rafah border crossing and destroyed hundreds of tunnels that Gazans used for years to import fuel, building materials and other goods.

H&M pulls ‘antisemitic’ T-shirt  with Star of David and skull sold in the UK and Sweden

“The order has been stopped and the others have been pulled,” said a H&M spokeswoman. “This was because of the feedback we received.” Fashion retail giant H&M has yanked a sleeveless T-shirt for men featuring a Star of David encasing a grinning skull after fielding complaints, Jewish Chronicle UK reports.  H&M added that it was not only taking the offending garments off its shelves: it’s cancelled orders for more of the tank-tops. On shopper wrote that the T-shirt juxtaposed ” a Jewish symbol with satanic imagery,” which stank of “classic” antisemitism.”

Far-left set for big gains in European Parliament elections

Europe’s far-left is set to almost double its deputies in the upcoming European Parliament elections in May. Poll predictions indicate that the European United Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) group is set to become the parliament’s third or fourth largest group, with the number of deputies rising from the current 35 to around 60. At third place, it would replace the liberals (ALDE), behind the centre-left S&D and centre-right EPP.  Among the far-left hopefuls are candidates from Italy, Greece and France. Italy currently has no far-left deputies at the assembly but is set to make large inroads. In Greece, the far-left is leading in the polls while in France, leftist politicians are set to capitalise on the governing socialists unpopularity.

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 اخبار یهودی