Gaza Strip: “Smells worse than burning tires floating on a polluted lake.”


“Any nation, any society, any country that is created on the basis of a hatred towards the others, will soon run out of people that it can hate or groups it can decimate and it will devour itself.”

-Tarek Fatah, UNHRC, Geneva. March 2013.


      by Alan Simons

This past weeks’ abhorrent theatre by Hamas, led by a bunch of deluded psychopaths in their attempt to lure and kill Israelis -Jew, Christian and Muslim alike –and egged on by Iranian mullahs and Palestinian Islamic Jihadists, smells worse than burning tires floating on a polluted lake.

Gazans, over the years, with a continuous black cloud hovering over them, have had every opportunity to join the civilized world. Unfortunately, nay, delete the word “unfortunately”, they continue to utterly fail.

I accept there are good and bad individuals in all societies and cultures. However, neither are judged by its individuals, as much as being judged by its actions as a whole, and that is what we have today in that pitiful, bog of land, consisting of 365 km², called the Gaza Strip.

For the most part, at least until very recently, I have attempted to keep out of writing about much of the hate and intolerance emanating from the Gaza Strip. I believe one can never objectively express a common-sense opinion to a repulsive society that, from its very beginning, emphasizes with passion their primary duty in life from birth is to kill, in whatever means at their disposal, as many Israeli children and adults, as possible.

Young Boy Recites Song on Hamas TV MEMRI December 2014

Young Boy Recites Song on Hamas TV: The Jews Are Barbaric Apes, the Most Evil of Creatures

Yesterday, today and tomorrow, for Hamas and its aberrant ally Iran – it really doesn’t matter when –  the obsessive devotion to killing Jews, or for that matter any human being living in Israel, starts at an early age and is as much a part of their child’s growth as learning to count. The culture of hate fills their whole society with a revulsion that is unable to be stopped by dialogue,  an exchange of ideas, or whatever nonsensical emotion the do-gooders want to use. 

Celebrating and praising their own murderers is part of their stagnant hypoxia mentality. It is not mine or yours. To partially quote Tarek Fatah, “Let them devour themselves.” 

It is they who have failed. We must not carry any guilt for their actions.  If they wish to be devoured, it is their choice and their choice alone!

Dr Martin Sherman is the founder and CEO of the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.  I have written about what he has to say on the Gaza Strip on other occasions and I now unashamedly repeat below what he had to say during an interview he gave on May 29, 2018 on Israel’s ILTV station:

“The only solution to Gaza is not reconstruction but deconstruction… Because of the nature of the society in Gaza, this will go on and on and in the end, to put it bluntly, there will either be a large Arab population in Gaza or Jews in the Negev. But, there won’t be both over time.”

The interviewer remarked that out of roughly two million Gazans who are living in the Strip, not all of them are in Hamas’ pockets, to which Sherman replied:

“We should stop considering Palestinians as prospective peace partners and relate them as they relate to themselves, as implacable enemies and treat them as such. In the Second World War, not all the Germans were bad people, but when you have a class of collectives you must decide which collective you want to win, yours or theirs. And if you’re willing to sacrifice your individual, your collective rights for their individual rights, you’re going to lose.”

One must put this into context. Whether you accept it or not, Israel is seen by our enemies and friends alike as being in the forefront of representing Jews as a whole. If Israel loses, we all lose!

To quote Elie Wiesel:

“It’s clear to me that one can’t be Jewish without Israel. Religious or non-religious, Zionist or non-Zionist, Ashkenazi or Sephardic – all these will not exist without Israel.”