There is no letter “L” for love in the word Antisemitism!

Your Sunday morning opinion piece. The UK, Canada and the USA.

“So-called alt-right rallies happen in Canada every week and that hate groups here have recently been forming coalitions.” 

– Professor Barbara Perry, an expert on hate crime.

      by Alan Simons

The word Cobynistas is a negative term denoting an antisemite derived from the name of the Leader of the Labour Party of the UK, Jeremy Corbyn. There are many antisemitic Corbynistas in this world. Some belong to the world of politics. Some to the business and academic sectors and some spend their lives trolling on social networking services and online social media. I’ll come to this latter bunch of racists shortly. To simplify matters, the bottom line is this: All Corbynistas must have a supreme leader. And they certainly have one in the canicula figure of Britain’s Jeremy Bernard Corbyn.

It was Euripides who said: “Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness.”

In the UK at the conclusion of last Wednesday’s Panorama documentary shown on the BBC relating to its exposé of Jeremy Corbyn and his band of antisemitic degenerates, it became apparent that nothing is more certain today than a profusion of black storm clouds that have loomed over their country. In times of storms, one normally takes shelter with family and friends alike. We are one, so to speak. However, this is not one of those occasions.

Because of Corbyn, the Leader of Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition in the United Kingdom, we are seeing a shift away from the Labour Party of yesteryear to a political party who has lost its will and direction to become the party of hate, intolerance, bigotry and antisemitism. This is Corbyn, intensely disliked by countless people and yet adored by his band of degenerate antisemites, riding high on top of a vicious heap of dirty rags, thriving in lighting the destructive match of hatred between British Jews and non-Jews.

“Corbyn and his followers falsify credibly and substantiated information with such downright bullheadedness and utter ignorance making Neville Chamberlain look a genius!”

Today, anyone within the British Labour Party’s rank and file who don’t follow the party’s antisemitic train of thought had better watch out, especially if you are Jewish, or have Jewish friends! For Corbyn embellishes all that is distasteful in an individual. He is the archetype of a destructive lost soul whose aim in life is to put a culture of fear into Britain’s Jewish diaspora. If it wasn’t all so pathetically wretched his character could be taken right out of Monty Python film!

To put it as succinctly as possible, we are watching a man whose political thirst for power is for British Jews so repulsive it goes far beyond the pale. And, as it’s been said, his actions are outside the bounds of morality, good behaviour or judgment.

“Corbyn has become unable to differentiate between ignorance and conscientious stupidity and the ability to make intelligent decisions.”

It was Napoleon Bonaparte who was overheard to say that in politics, stupidity is not a handicap, a statement Corbyn’s Labour Party subordinates, in their eagerness to please their leader, are making every effort to use antisemitism as a means, not only to expand their culture of hate but to increase Labour’s voting base.

Corbyn and his subordinates speak a language common to many people, irrespective of what country one lives in.  Antisemitism contains no international borders, nor on what side of the political spectrum one is from. Their undying hatred of Jews and Israel is their first priority of the day.

The Labour Party of the UK is analogous to the zebra mussel, a species originally native to the lakes of Marxist southern Russia and accidentally introduced to numerous other areas. It has become an invasive species in many different countries worldwide including Canada and the USA.

Ordinary, decent British Jews have become fearful of the political consequences now taking place, a trait not particularly recognized by many of them before Corbyn. But they sure understand it now. And so should we in Canada and the USA. 

“Canadians are very complacent.”

In Canada and in the USA it is a known fact we also are experiencing a frightening grass-roots right-wing extremist infectious disease whose members are predominately white supremacist neo-Nazis. These fanatics of hate cannot be ignored.

Vice News, based in New York City, “produces daily documentary essays and video through its website and YouTube channel. It promotes itself on its coverage of ‘under-reported stories’.” This past week in a news report relating to far-right extremism, they stated they had ‘analyzed more than 1 million comments on the 4CHAN an English-language imageboard website. Hate speech there has spiked by 40% since 2015.’

Vice added:

“Through websites such as 4chan where overall web traffic on the site has more than doubled in the last decade. Visits to the site peaked in early 2018 and have fallen significantly since, but 4chan remains one of the thousand most popular sites worldwide. It draws visitors from around the world, and it’s even more popular in the United Kingdom and Canada than it is in the USA …

“… And even as some social networks have censored or blocked extremist content, some mainstream political leaders have at times embraced white supremacist language. Studies suggest that the use of dehumanizing language by political leaders, such as Donald Trump’s statements about Mexican immigrants being rapists, helps fuel racist comments on the internet, which then become concentrated on sites like 4chan. Other leaders worldwide have echoed similar language in the last few years, with the United Kingdom’s Nigel Farage calling President Obama ‘a loathsome creature’; following the Brexit vote Farage campaigned for, hate crimes in the U.K. surged. In Brazil, newly-elected president Jair Bolsonaro made threats of violence against gay men and racist remarks against Indigenous people and citizens of African descent.”

Over the past number of years, the USA has seen what happens when their political leaders expound detestable statements that have racial or religious subtexts to them. In Canada, it is also apparent that we also are not immune to racist extremism.

“Far-Right extremist groups and hate crime rate is growing in Canada.”

Yesterday, CBC Canada stated, “Canadians should also be concerned about the rise of hate groups in this country. There are, at minimum, 130 active far-right extremist groups across Canada according to Barbara Perry, a professor and expert on hate crime — a 30 per cent increase, she says, from 2015.” They added: “Most of these groups are organized around ideologies against certain religions and races, with anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish sentiments being the most common, followed by hatred for immigrants, Indigenous people, women, LGBTQ communities and other minority groups.

Perry says multiple so-called alt-right rallies happen in Canada every week and that hate groups here have recently been forming coalitions. “It’s reflective of Charlottesville’s ‘Unite the Right,’” Perry says, “It shows a disturbing trend: that they have solidarity and a real movement with a shared vision.”

Perry asserts: “Although Canadians are becoming more aware of the existence of alt-right groups, we remain mostly ignorant. Canadians are very complacent. It’s worse [in the U.S.], but we can’t deny it here any longer — it’s just blatant.

(Photo credits: The Vicious Babuska; Alan Simons)

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