The UN’s pathological obsession with Israel


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UN: anti-Israel obsession

The UN Commission on the Status of Women is going after the Jewish state

by Oudy Ch. Bloch

Oudy Ch Bloch FThere is something pathetic and indecent in the pathological obsession with the UN to Israel. Especially in matters of women’s rights, other countries merit special attention, particularly in the Muslim world.

In 2015, the UN General Assembly adopted 20 resolutions against Israel against only three resolutions on the world namely, Syria, Iran and North Korea. Nothing on China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Yemen, Pakistan, Sudan and all other progressive democracies.That’s how the United Nations level put Israel. It is grotesque but true.

And 2016 clearly does not bring big changes. In its latest report, the Commission on the Status of Women of the United Nations (CSW) has again managed the feat of condemning Israel, of course. Which, on reflection, is not really a feat since the same commission made a similar report last year.

The Jewish state is, this time, abused for its alleged violence against Palestinian women. For CSW indeed  “the Israeli occupation remains the main obstacle to the improvement of Palestinian women, to their promotion, to their empowerment and participation in the development of their society.”

Regrettably, the CSW did not hear the Palestinian activist Ahlam Akram who believes that the laws on the status of Arab women are “back to the stone age” and that Arab countries do virtually nothing to improve the status of women, because they are busy with “the great campaign against Israel.”

JIN woman lashed photo April 18 2016Regrettably, the CSW was not informed that, according to Islamic law widely applied by the Palestinian Authority (West Bank) and Hamas (in Gaza), women are discriminated against by the laws governing marriage, divorce, child custody, inheritance and domestic violence, men and women do not have equal access to justice, women do not have the same value as witnesses in court.

Regrettably, the CSW did not take into account the Palestinian Center for Human Rights report which says that the recurrence of killings of women is due to the relative impunity “given to men at honor crimes” (murder of women by their own families for having extramarital relations) in an ultra-patriarchal society in which women are considered the property of his family which directs the social, sexual and professional.

Regrettably, the CSW will be not be interested in Hamas that forbids women to leave without being covered, participate in sporting events such as the marathon Gaza canceled by UNRWA in 2013 for that reason, to get on a motorcycle or cycling, hookah smoking in public, to participate in folk dances, which forces girls in schools and universities to wear the headscarf, forcing women to go out accompanied by male relatives … all in the name of a campaign of “Promotion of Virtue” reasons, according to Hamas officials by “the alarming increase of amoral behavior”.

Regrettably, the CSW does not consider this fact as an “obstacle to improving the status of Palestinian women, to their promotion, to their empowerment and participation in the development of their society.”

This is invariably the same. By voting this conviction, the CSW maintains the Palestinians in their illusion are never responsible for anything, especially not for themselves and allows them to use a forum for women’s rights as an anti-Israel forum .

There is, in this pathological obsession with Israel, something at once pathetic and indecent. Especially in matters of women’s rights, other countries deserve special attention.

Stoning of women Iran a

Nothing. Not one condemnation of the condition of women in Iran where:

– Women cannot travel, work or attend classes at the university without permission from their husbands;

– Women cannot judge, because – according to the mullahs – they do not possess intellectual faculties;

– The law permits a father to marry his adopted daughter from the age of 13 years.

Nothing about Saudi Arabia where:

– Women are considered legally a minor and therefore cannot go to the doctor, opening a bank account, travel, renew their passports without the permission of her guardian;

– The women has no right to drive;

Nothing on Sudan where:

– Sudanese journalist Lubna Ahmad Al-Hussein escaped at the point of death, sentenced to forty lashes for wearing fashionable trousers for women, prohibited by Article 152 of the Criminal Code;

Nothing on India where:

– In many villages, even today, girls are killed at birth, mainly because the marriage dowry is expensive;

– Domestic violence affects 65% of women;

– Widows are ostracized by society, abandoned and rejected because they would bear misfortune;

Nothing on Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Ethiopia, Yemen and other countries where FGM is practiced. In half of the 29 countries that practice FGM, the majority of the girls suffered before the age of 5 years and in the vast majority of the remaining cases, 15 years. The goal is to prevent sexual desire and avoid premarital relations.

Nothing on countries where Sharia law is applied, the Sharia that permits polygamy but not polyandry, which forbids women to divorce but allows a man to divorce, which requires women – to prove it raped – the testimony of four men, allowing her husband to beat her, that makes a woman be inherently inferior to man (Sura 4:34).

Nothing on the manifest “Women and the Islamic State,” written by Daesh and precise in accordance with Sharia, that marriage of girls is permitted from the age of 9 years, that women’s education should limited to the prophet’s life, the history of Islam, Sharia but also the sewing and cooking, they are not supposed to work for not to leave their homes.

Nothing on the young Samra Kesinovic, the 17 year old Austrian who had run away from home in 2014 to wage jihad in Syria, was beaten to death with a hammer after being used as a sex slave for new fighters of Daesh.

The work of the UN Commission on the Status of Women is an insult to all women worldwide. Violence, humiliation and discrimination. The UN has lost credibility once more. 

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Oudy Ch Bloch is a lawyer called to the Paris Bar in 2003 and the New York Bar in 2009. He is a Postgraduate in Business Law from Université Paris X-Nanterre and holds a J LL.M Law of Literary and Artistic Property (UCLA Los Angeles, USA)

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