When the tentacles of hate reach a university in Canada.


Dear Readers,

Yesterday jewishinfoNews published an open letter to Dr. Kurt Krueger, President of Concordia University Irving, California. In it we incorrectly implied that the university’s student union had hosted the content of a “repulsive poster”. This was not so. 

I have written to Dr. Krueger stating, in part, the following:

“I want to express my deepest and sincere apology to you, the Board of Regents, the university’s student union, the Concordia University Irving and its students for jewishinfoNews’ dreadful error in associating you and your fine institution with the content of the deplorable poster…” “The university and student’s union in question, Concordia University, reside in Montreal, Quebec. In addition, the logo of their student union is similar to your student’s union, and that is where the problem arose. Accordingly, I ask you in good faith to accept our apology.”

The original content was taken down immediately we knew of the error. Dr. Krueger was advised.

The Roman philosopher, Marcus Tullius Cicero, once said, “Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error.”  JewishinfoNews has no wish to persist with their error. However, the problem with this despicable poster clearly remains. The student union of Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec has undisputed ownership of it. Therefore, our original letter, inadvertently addressed to Dr. Krueger, has been adapted and follows below, together with the poster in question.

Alan Simons, Publisher jewishinfoNews.info

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An open letter to the President and Vice-Chancellor of Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec. 

Professor Alan Shepard, kindly take a good look at the repulsive poster below, the content of which, I’m led to believe, was hosted two days ago by your university’s student union. 

by Alan Simons

StandWithUS, a respected international organisation, brought this poster to my attention and stated:

“We are disgusted by this horrific event being hosted by the Concordia Student Union. This cultural appropriation of the Jewish holiday of Passover is completely unacceptable, sac-religious, and extremely disrespectful.”

Professor Shepard, I beg to differ. Disgusted is not strong enough. My friends of the Muslim faith, would I’m sure agree that if this applied to one of their religious holy days, Muslims JIN April 14 2017 revwould react verbally, I repeat verbally, and with vigour.

The issue here is not one of arrogance, or to quote the new buzz words, “mentally unstable.” Your Student’s Union must take ownership for this abhorrent poster, for the message is directed at the very essence of my religion. I regard their action as one of the most vicious forms of incitement, of hate and of a form of terrorism that must be acted upon without delay by you. 

In Concordia’s Strategics Directions Game Plan 2016/2017, it states, “Concordia is an inclusive research-engaged university focused on transformative learning, collaborative thinking, and public impact, equipping students and society for a world of challenges and opportunities.”

What! “Equipping students and society for a world of challenges and opportunities?” Come on now Professor, it would seem your Student Union, by incongruously using a Jewish religious holy day in such a vile manner to usurp their political agenda, obviously goes against the very essence of your Game Plan. So, what do you intend to do about it?

I challenge you and your Board of Governors to take the strongest action possible against CSU in this matter.

Thank you!

(Photo Credit: Passover Against Apartheid- (StandWithUS)


“11/3/2016 The day the US died”

What Others Are Saying

A Climate of Fear Descends on America. A passionate statement by an American days before the US Presidential Election.

“Simply said… today will mark the date that, for me, my country officially died. I have lived through the Civil Rights struggles and witnessed divide and bias. I remember well, when first JFK was assassinated. Then MLK, then Bobby. I have lived through wars, the anarchy of the Weathermen, Watergate, the loss of John Lennon, 9/11, and the murders of school children and those in the Gay community. But never did I not believe that the US was not the sum of its parts. Never did I believe that the bad parts outweighed the good. Not once did I doubt that no matter how difficult or bleak the times seemed to be, we would not overcome what afflicted us and achieve our best potential.

“These last months, I have again witnessed bias, division, partisan mudslinging, conspiracy theories, debasement of women,/immigrants/religions… but still I believed we would heal, that our system of checks and balances would prevail…that enough good, sane, honest officials would have the integrity to not allow our country to fall back into the abyss of past wrong doings. My faith held up until today when I learned that the executive director of North Carolina’s GOP, brought handcuff’s to an MSNBC interview as a method of ‘show and tell’ demonstrating what he thought should be done to Hillary Clinton.

“My hope dissolved upon hearing that The Daily Beast reported on Thursday on ties between Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor, and the FBI’s New York field office, which reportedly pressed the FBI to revisit the Clinton server investigation after beginning an inquiry into Weiner’s alleged sexual texting with a minor. The website reported that a former New York field office chief, highly critical of the non-indictment, runs a military charity that has received significant financial donations from Trump. My belief in the integrity of the FBI is now non-existent, knowing that current and former FBI officials, none of whom were willing or cleared to speak on the record, have described a chaotic internal climate. And that one current agent has stated ‘The FBI is Trumpland.’

“And now comes news that Western European officials believe they must investigate Trump’s ties to Russia and what they perceive to be his inability to observe security measures that are essential to their well-being in addition to that of the US.

“I did not doubt that this election cycle had brought with it a climate of fear mongering, bias, and blame gaming. But now I additionally believe, know, in my heart, soul, intellect, and gut that corruption is in those among us whom we look to for our safety and well-being, which has enabled the negativity now permeating the US.

“Fear not only Russia friends, the enemy is within as well.”

– Regina Sabin


(Featured photo credit (c) jewishinfoNe.ws)

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