IRAN: “Obama’s Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action was an epic hoax. And a failure.”

“For many diaspora Jews and non-Jews alike, they have become too immersed in focussing on Trump’s decision to walk away from Obama’s Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and not on the primary issue at hand, namely of Israel’s survival from a country that has openly stated it ‘will’ not ‘wants to’ obliterate Israel and its population from the face of the earth.”


       by Alan Simons

Leon de Winter the acclaimed Dutch author and writer, this week in De Telegraaf, a leading  Dutch newspaper, put it as succinctly as it can get:

“With an overwhelmingly powerful speech, Donald Trump put an end to the Iran deal or the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. By the way, it was not a deal but a set of guidelines.

“In November 2015, the US Department of State, then still under Obama, described the plan as ‘no treaty or measure, and is not a signed document.’

“President Obama did not have the plan ratified by Congress because it lacked a majority. Iran has not signed either. It was a ‘non-binding executive agreement’, which could be withdrawn by Obama’s successor. That has now happened.”

A few days ago, Vivian Bercovici, the Canadian ambassador to Israel between 2014 and 2016, writing in The Jerusalem Post referred to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (Iran nuclear deal) as ‘an epic hoax. And a failure.’ She added in part, referring directly to the Obama followers as having ‘no plan.’

“This is the clarion call of Obama acolytes – including most of the mainstream media – who support the capitulation which they choose to call a ‘deal.’

“A deal, like a contract, in its simplest form, refers to an exchange between two or more parties; where mutual accommodations are made to achieve the desired outcome.

“Under the terms of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (Iran nuclear deal), the Islamic Republic, we are told, agreed to put the brakes on its nuclear ambitions for a brief period – at best delaying its ‘breakout’ potential by a few years. That’s it.

“The west gave up every shred of leverage it had. The deal terms dropped economic sanctions; provided billions in cash to support global terrorism; accepted absurdly lax inspection protocols of Iranian nuclear and military sites; did not address the issue of containing Iranian territorial ambition in the Middle East; and did not address Iran’s ongoing ballistic missile program.

“The JCPOA was an epic hoax. And a failure.

“Smug leadership utterly disconnected from the brutal reality of the Middle East pontificated to the mob, edifying us, in our simplicity, as to how complex it all is and how brilliant they all were to coax the so-called “moderate” faction of the Iranian leadership to the table and negotiate such a brilliant outcome.

“Until President Donald Trump began ‘talking turkey’ last October, no deal proponents spoke about modifying it, supplementing its deficiencies with a stronger addendum. There was no need for such nonsense because the deal was as good as it gets.”

Today, not to be left out, Melanie Phillips, the British journalist, broadcaster and author added some scathing words in her article, “The Elephant in the Room is Regime Change,” where in part she said:

“Amid the brouhaha over President Donald Trump’ decisions to pull the US out of the appalling Iran nuclear deal, the elephant in the room is standing quietly all but unobserved.

“Trump’s initiative is being either praised to the skies or deplored with dismay. The question being discussed is whether it will force the Iranian regime to abandon its nuclear program in a new deal or precipitate a terrible war.

“Following Trump’s announcement, an Iranian missile attack on Israeli military bases on the Golan Heights led to heavy Israeli air strikes against Iranian targets in Syria.”

Phillips added:

“Let’s go back to something approaching first principles. The Iranian regime is a menace to the world going far beyond its nuclear ambitions.

“It has waged a self-declared war against the West since it came to power in 1979. It has killed numerous American, British and other coalition troops in Iraq. It is the greatest single state sponsor of terrorism in the world, responsible for the murder of countless innocents.

“It has a burning genocidal ambition to wipe Israel off the map. Some of its members, especially the Supreme Leader, are fanatics of the Shia “Twelver” sect who believe that destroying Israel and the US in a global apocalypse will bring the Shia messiah to earth.

“It is developing long-range missiles outside the terms of the nuclear deal altogether and which in themselves threaten the region and the world. The nuclear archive extracted in the Mossad coup proves its leaders are congenital liars who can never be trusted under any circumstances.

“Accordingly, no accommodation can ever be reached with this regime to negate the threat it poses. The only reasonable strategic aim is, therefore, its removal.”

For many diaspora Jews and non-Jews alike, they have become too immersed in focussing on Trump’s decision to walk away from Obama’s Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and not on the primary issue at hand, namely of Israel’s survival from a country that has openly stated it “will” not “wants to” obliterate Israel and its population from the face of the earth.

Irrespective of the content of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, Iran’s thirst for obliterating Israel has not diminished over the years and as we saw this past week Israel responded to Iran’s actions in the only way a threatened nation must, not passively, but with strength and understanding of the psychological make-up of Iran’s leaders and population.

Iran is run by an apocalyptic bunch of religious despots who, as Bernard Lewis the renowned scholar remarked over ten years ago, “the threat of many Iranians perishing in a war did not deter the Iranian leadership, which believes ‘it would be doing them a favor, by giving them a free pass to heaven.’”

In an earlier article titled, “An Open Letter to the Ordinary People of Iran,” published on May 1, 2018, in the jewishinfoNews and The Times of Israel, I wrote:

“As Iranians, you will remember that during the Iran–Iraq war, beginning on September 22, 1980, an estimated 190,000 Iranian combat personnel were killed. How strange it must be now for you to admit that Israel supported you in your war.

“Sadly, 38 years later in Syria, your children are still being killed. The Iranian regime revealed last month that “2,100 Iranians have been killed fighting in Syria the past few years, more than double the previous death toll announced 16 months ago…

“As a proportion of the population, that is a greater loss than the United States has suffered in all its wars in the Middle East since the start of the century… “Given that the United States has four times the population of Iran, the Iranian losses in Syria are proportionately about a quarter greater than the US losses throughout the region this century.”

I added:

Hezbollah members perform during a rally

“Notwithstanding the frolics of your Ayatollah Khamenei, you are a proud and educated people. Keep it that way! Fighting Iraqis, fighting in Syria, and now using your so-called ‘axis of resistance’ (Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen and Gaza), which forms the growing ‘Shiite Crescent’ to do all your dirty work, is one thing. However, you Iranian people should remember Israel has been fighting in this war zone for 70 years.

“You are the military newcomers, already with thousands of your children returning to Iran in body bags. So, I suggest you pick your primary battles very carefully.

“Too many of your own children have died. Let your mothers now have a long and quiet life ahead of them!

 “Go in peace!”

Unhappily, Khamenei’s concept of peace bears no rapport to that of a civilized society and unless the current Iranian regime is eradicated by its own people, the continuation of Khamenei’s iron-fisted rule of law will see many more Iranian families experience what it is like, as Israeli families have, to lose their children in war.

To all ordinary Iranians living in Iran, I say this. “Remember September 22, 1980.” In 2018, regrettably, you may experience something far worse!

Alan Simons is the publisher and editor of jewishinfoNews.

The source of the above article includes content already published by the contributors named. No copyright infringement intended.

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