Oh my Jews of France, “Qui n’avance pas, recule.” | “Who does not move forward, recedes.”

“All we have left is our tears. Hoping for a better future.”

Publisher’s note UPDATE as of March 28 2018 17:10h

JIN March 28 2018

Photo: Facebook

The heartbreaking message below, originally translated from Hebrew and published on Facebook, is from Noa Goldfarb, granddaughter of Mireille Knoll,  (85 years of age), who was murdered in Paris on March 23, 2018.

Twenty years ago, I left Paris knowing that my future wasn’t there. Not for me or for the Jewish people.
But who could think that I would leave my loved ones where terror and cruelty would lead to such a sad ending.
This can only happen to others.
But the reality is different… Savta (Grandmother, Hebrew) was stabbed to death 11 times by a Muslim neighbor she knew well.
He also made sure to set fire to her apartment to leave us no memory.
No photo album, neither of her… nor Saba (grandfather, Hebrew), no letters… Nothing!
All we have left is our tears.
Hoping for a better future.
Daddy’s on his way to you.
“Peace to your soul” (in French)

As reported in The Jewish Chronicle, “Knoll joins a haunting list of French Jews murdered since 2006. That list includes Ilan Halimi, the 23-year-old phone salesman abducted tortured and killed in 2006; and Jonathan Sandler, his children Arieh and Gabriel, and Myriam Monsonego, who were all killed in the Toulouse school shooting six years later. Then there are Yohan Cohen, Philippe Braham, François-Michel Saada and Yoav Hattab, who were shot dead in the Paris Hyper Cacher supermarket, and Sarah Halimi, who was stabbed and thrown from her apartment balcony last year.”

The local.fr has now reported:

“Two people have been charged with the murder of an 85-year-old French Jewish woman, who was repeatedly stabbed and whose body was then set alight in a crime being treated as anti-Semitic, a judicial source said Tuesday.
“One of the men was a regular visitor of Knoll’s whom she treated ‘like a son’ and who had visited her that day, her son told AFP, asking not to be named.”



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