How many Brexit eggs do you need to crack to make an omelette?

Special Report

Anthony 3  by Anthony Dayton

“As for our place in British society as Jews and the threat of extremism: I have rarely read more rubbish than the idea we as Jews will suffer from Brexit.” – Stephen Pollard, editor of The Jewish Chronicle


BREXIT. Someone clever came up with that neologism, but no one came up with BRAY, perhaps because it’s a donkey’s noise that best describes the wounded response of the Brexit critics forecasting doomsday and calling for a “do-over” to be held until the vote’s results are corrected, while castigating the arrogance of the great unwashed who actually had the temerity to amass 52% of the vote, thereby turning upside down the way god had intended the vote to work out, sending us straight to hell.

There might indeed be good reasons for Britain to stay in the E.U., and exiting might be an error, but as yet I haven’t read any of them. The plunging British pound and the reeling stock market are offered as proof of the coming financial crisis. How else, however, would anyone expect the markets to react? The stock traders and investors want safety and predictability. A major storm sends them selling stocks; last year the Canadian loonie plunged from par with the U.S. eagle to 60% value, largely due to a glut of oil. It’s currently hovering around 77%. Better, if not fully healed. So unless the fix is in, why shouldn’t Britain, with its major financial infrastructure at Canary Wharf, recover? In fact, on the third day post the vote, the stock market is showing gains in some areas.

The Washington Post, apparently desperate to show those unsophisticated Brits the folly of their ways posted an article about Cornwall which says. “The county is heavily dependent on the more than 60 million British pounds (CAD $104 million) in E.U. subsidies per year that are transferred to the region and that have helped finance infrastructure projects and education schemes. Now, county officials are panicking – fearing the worst for the county’s future and wondering why one of the most E.U.-dependent counties in Britain voted against the E.U. – and its money.”

And just why is Cornwall being subsidized by the European Market? In order to survive and run their schools, these people need money from…Brussels? Must remember to thank the Belgiumites for their generosity, lads!

But where does the E.U. get its money in the first place? Apparently, and according to the same The Washington Post article, Britain transfers $470 million to the E.U. each week. They hasten to add “allegedly,” so maybe it’s only, say $465 million. EACH WEEK? And they’re worried about $60 million a year for Cornwall? That’s chump change! At that weekly rate of transfer, Britain pays 24 billion, 440 million dollars each and every year for the privilege of belonging to the E.U. Put another way, Britain could fork over the entire E.U. annual stipend to Cornwall in about 20 hours.  Let’s not be pikers here. Make it a day rate and top it up to around $70,000,000. Show a little love. It’d be nice if the political elite stopped bickering long enough to let Cornwall know that they’re good for the dough, but then again maybe keeping the fishers on edge and worried about starvation serves their purposes better.   

Finances are only the start. Much more insidious is the race card – that Brexits are xenophobes and anti-immigration. No doubt some are. No doubt also, that certain events might have caused a spot of worry, for example  the London subway bombing, thousands of E.U. sanctioned immigrants marching the London streets with signs saying “to hell with democracy,” and “to hell with the Queen,” Anjem Choudary – absolutely one of the most brilliant speakers you could ever not want to listen to – predicting that Britain would be a Muslim country by 2050 because Sharia law is far superior to English democracy, the horror of Rotherham (you should look it up) and its even more horrible, alleged, cover-up by police, and of course the open air beheading of Fusilier Lee Rigby, to name a few things that might have cautioned the benighted Brexiters that it might not be a bad idea to regain control of ones national borders.  

The media suggests that this could spell the end for democracy; The Washington Post writes that we should learn some things are just too important to be left to a referendum. They don’t seem to get the irony. Democracy for unimportant decisions only? Who do they suggest should set the limits and make the significant decisions? The appointed knobs in Brussels who are far removed from the Brits who get to vote for the PM but not for the E.U.?

The New York Times featured an article outlining various subterfuges by which Britain could get out of the Brexit results. There was no concern over a democratic loss, only some worry about the unruly underclass making a fuss if its vote were to be sideswiped, and certainly no discussion as to why Britain should want to remain in the E.U. It just should, mate! If you have to ask…

Well then, here is a question to ask: why would anyone trade a thousand years of developing democracy from the Magna Carta on, for a cartel living on the avails of those Cornwallians to whom they return a pittance of their own money? The past years have shown the degeneracy of international organizations like FIFA and the Olympics committee; does anyone want to double down that Brussels is not of the same ilk?

If there’s ever an award for “balls” it would have to go to these bien pensants who can look you in the eye and tell you that white is black, black white, that they know best, that you didn’t see what you thought you saw, and that if you did, it’s your fault for not being one with the new world order. You are the problem you Brexiters. Those who are beginning to see the game for what it is should unfurl the banner and wear the button, “We are all Brexit!”

You’re not of course, but it might drown out the noise of the Brays for a while.

Anthony Dayton is a Canadian life-long educator, sometimes writer, part-time photographer.

(Feature image credit: amusingtime)

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