Neo-fascist Greece. The Nazi scumbags have their day!

Caption: "Don't feel guilty brother. We were not in Auschwitz and Dachau to suffer but to learn." - Ethnos

Caption: “Don’t feel guilty brother. We were not in Auschwitz and Dachau to suffer but to learn.” – Ethnos

Χρυσή Αυγή. Πηγαίνετε και γαμήσου!

by Alan Simons

Helena Smith, in last weekend’s The Observer (UK) explained it this way with the headline:

SS songs and antisemitism: the week Golden Dawn turned openly Nazi

It has been a bad week for democracy in Athens. All around this great Greek city, the politics of hate now lurk. On Friday I got a taste of it in the tiny Italian-style cafe I frequent off Syntagma Square.

It arrived in the form of two middle-aged men, both supporters of the neo-fascist Golden Dawn – and, by their own account, the holders of university degrees, well-travelled and well-informed. Over espressos, they began to engage in an animated discussion about all that is wrong with Greece.

The first, a self-described businessman decked out in designer suit, brogues and silk tie, blamed the country’s economic collapse on malfeasance, corruption and uncontrolled immigration. “The only way to teach our filthy politicians is to bring in Golden Dawn,” he trilled, his eyes locked in a fierce glare. “These gentlemen are patriots, proud Greek nationalists, and they know how to deal with the scum, the foreigners who never pay taxes, who steal our jobs, who have taken over our streets.”

Dismissing charges that Golden Dawn is a criminal gang masquerading as a political group, the second – a self-described government employee – said the far right was the best response yet to the great Jewish conspiracy of an interconnected banking system that has come with globalisation. “Let’s not forget all the faggots and the Jews, the wankers who control the banks, the foreigners who are behind them, who came in and fucked Greece,” he insisted. “The criminals who have governed us, who have robbed us of our future, of our dreams, need a big thwack.”

Such is one’s ghastly impression of Greece.

Currently, Greece’s population stands around 11.3 million of which no more than 5,000 of its citizens are Jews. You do the calculation! 

Golden Dawn - photo credit:

Golden Dawn – photo credit:

Today, Golden Dawn has forged links with Germany, Australia, Canada and the US. In the United States their website says:

Our goals are to promote and support the Golden Dawn’s nationalist ideals and vision for Greece among the Greek diaspora. To preserve our Hellenic culture, we must resist and overcome the genocidal multi-culturalist, and anti- Hellenic agenda of the New World Order. The unholy alliance of the bankers, media, corrupt politicians and the educational system are rabidly attempting to extinguish all traces of Hellenism- past, present and future through poverty, historical revisionism, media distortions and third world immigration.

“Will the next Selahattin Ülkümen please stand up and be recognised!”

A number of years ago I wrote about how a Turkish diplomat, in particular, Selahattin Ülkümen in Rhodes, Greece saved scores of Jews from Nazi persecution and extermination. For his heroism he was subsequently imprisoned by the Nazis after his consulate was bombed and his pregnant wife killed by the Germans. The Turkish consuls at Athens, Salonica, Gümülcine and on the island of Midilli also provided the same sort of assistance. In 1990, Israel issued a postage stamp in Ülkümen’s honour. He died in 2003. If still alive, I wonder what he would have to say about the sickness now pervading Greece. I say, will the next Selahattin Ülkümen please stand up and be recognised!

Oh yes! Sorry, I’m too embarrassed to translate the Greek headline above. After all, I’m Canadian!

Thank God there’s an Israel!

بفضل الله، هناك إسرائيل


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