NUCLEAR IRAN. What Others Are Saying

Jerusalem, Riyadh stunned: Obama makes Iran 7th world power on regional issues, including Palestinians, Israel reports: DEBKAfile’s exclusive Washington sources reveal exclusively: President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry secretly agreed to elevate Iran to the status of seventh world power, as a strong inducement for signing the interim nuclear accord in Geneva Sunday, Nov. 24, for living up to its obligations in the coming six months and for then signing a comprehensive agreement.While Iran has always demanded respect and equal standing as a regional power, never in their wildest dreams had the ayatollahs expected to be granted big power standing, with an authoritative role recognized by the six big powers for addressing issues in a broad region spanning the Persian Gulf, the Middle East and Western Asia, including Afghanistan. DEBKAfile’s Iranian sources report that President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Javad Zarif presented this awesome achievement Monday to their hard-line critics at home, who accused them of giving away too much in terms of Iran’s nuclear program for the sake of a deal with the West. We come home from Geneva with recognition as a world power, they replied.

Destruction of Israel Guaranteed, Ayatollah Says. Iran’s supreme leader promises Jewish land to Palestinians

WND Faith, USA reports: Iran’s supreme leader promises in a newly released audiotape [click on the image below] the destruction of Israel and Palestinians’ return to that land. Fars News Agency, an outlet run by the Revolutionary Guards, posted an audiotape of excerpts of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s speeches to Palestinian officials and others with a title “Palestine will surely become free.” In the audiotape, which is partly in Arabic, Khamenei gives blessings to those who fight against Israel and says, “Peace be upon the children of our nation, peace be upon the brave jihadists in Palestinian and Lebanese resistance. Today the Islamic world and the whole world are witnesses to great revelations that show change in international affairs.” The ayatollah promises a restructuring of the Middle East: “Palestine will be free, have no doubt in this. … Palestinians will return there and there will be a Palestinian government … and that is based on the truth revealed by God. A new Middle East will be … an Islamic Middle East.”

No nuclear center to be shut down, says Iran’s Zarif

ISNA, Iran  reports: Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif leading the Iranian negotiating team in Geneva reiterated that the country’s nuclear activities would continue based on the deal reached between Iran and the 6 countries. “Iranian nuclear program would continue and the nation’s rights on Non-Proliferation Treaty is included (in the deal) as an inseparable right. Based on the agreement titled ‘Action Plan’, all restrictions imposed against the Iranian nation would be lifted.” He noted Iran’s enrichment program up to the 5 percent level would continue through a serious start in the next 6 months along with talks aiming at lifting sanctions against Iran completely. He reiterated Iranian nuclear facilities would not be shut down and nuclear activities at Fordo and Natanz sites as well as Arak Heavy Water Reactor would continue, and no material would be sent out from Iran. He assured that based on the deal all sanctions would be lifted and blocked financial resources would be returned to Iran.

Rouhani praises nuclear deal, says pact isolates Israel

The Daily Star, Lebanon reports: Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani Tuesday hailed a landmark interim nuclear deal reached with world powers this week as the right step in a “long” journey to a comprehensive accord, adding that the deal worked to isolate Israel. He stressed that Iran’s enrichment of uranium, which according to the deal will be limited to 5 percent purity, would continue as his negotiators engage with the so-called P5+1: the United States, Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany… “Enrichment, which is part of our rights, will continue … Iran will never abandon its enrichment activities,” he added.  “Everyone is happy about this deal” except “warmongers and that regime, which is an illegitimate one that occupies,” Rouhani said, referring to Israel, which the Iran does not recognize. “Now, our enemies are isolated,” Rouhani added.

Rafsanjani ready to work on improving Saudi-Iranian ties

Arab News, Saudi Arabia reports: Former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has expressed his readiness to improve his country’s relations with Saudi Arabia. “I am ready to travel to Riyadh for this purpose,” he told the Financial Times. Rafsanjani, one of the few Iranian political figures who has good relations with Saudi leaders, said his intention is “to reassure the Saudis that friendship with Iran benefits the region and both countries.” Rafsanjani, who heads the Expediency Council that drafts policy, said he had received an invitation from Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah to perform Haj this year but could not make it. He hinted that Iran’s leaders first needed to agree on policies of de-escalation. A future trip needed preparation and a decision within Iran on “how we are going to deal with (Saudi Arabia) in a win-win situation.”

Kuwait, Qatar Welcome Iran N-Deal

Arab Times, Kuwait reports: Gulf Arab countries Qatar and Kuwait have came out in favour of Iran’s agreement with world powers over its nuclear programme, saying they hoped it would help to preserve stability and security in the region. Iran’s Arab neighbours are deeply uneasy about Tehran’s diplomatic rehabilitation and have done little to hide their scepticism as talks progressed on the nuclear deal in recent weeks, but at least in public many have now given their support. Iran’s only two Arab friends — Iraq and Syria — were quick to praise the deal on Sunday, as was the Palestinian Authority which welcomed it for putting pressure on Israel. The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain also spoke out in support. Kuwait’s Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Khaled al-Jarallah said he hoped the agreement “would pave the way for a permanent accord that would defuse tension, and preserves the stability and security of the region,” according to state news agency KUNA. Qatar said the agreement was “an important step towards safeguarding peace and stability in the region”, according to a statement by the Foreign Ministry posted on its website late on Sunday. “The State of Qatar calls for making the Middle East a nuclear weapon-free zone,” the ministry said.

The big deal about the Iran nuclear deal

Al Jazeera, Qatar  reports: Be that as it may, the clear loser in this deal is Israel. For the extraordinary commitment of Iran to transparency, which includes, but is not limited to, providing “daily access by IAEA inspectors at Natanz and Fordow” will inevitably draw attention to the only nuclear power in the region that, with astonishing colonialist arrogance of the yore, simply refuses even to admit it has nuclear warheads, let alone allow the inspections of its nuclear facilities. Aided and abetted by the US, Israel has managed to safeguard its nuclear arsenal while putting pressure on Iran not to even come close to the possibility of developing a nuclear weapon. As far as the prospect of peace in the region is concerned, the fact that Iran will be stopped from developing any nuclear weapon is, of course, good news. But the world is now looking with even wider eyes, and even more dropped jaw, at the audacity, vulgarity, and unsurpassed white supremacist arrogance of Israel to effectively threaten the entire region with its nuclear arsenal, while remaining entirely immune to any such threat from any of its neighbours. Israel may think that this deal with Iran will ensure its continued armed robbery of Palestine. But the fact is that the tide of public opinion has so vastly turned against the Jewish apartheid state that no amount of investment by US billionaires in the propaganda machinery of Zionism will stop people from seeing the big fat elephant in the room.

Bahrain backs Iran nuclear curbs deal

Gulf Daily News, Bahrain reports: Bahrain and Turkey yesterday backed a “historic deal” by world powers to curb Iran’s controversial nuclear weapons programme. Foreign Affairs Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa and his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu said the agreement between the P5+1 countries – the US, the UK, Russia, China, France and Germany – and Iran would steer the region away from a potential crisis. “We welcome this historic agreement between the P5+1 group of nations and Iran that will help to eliminate weapons of mass destruction,” said Shaikh Khalid. “Bahrain would like to have good relations with Iran based on mutual respect of its sovereignty and this would result in stability.”

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