Wake up President Obama!

Quote of the week

“The Times [UK]: Iran isn’t talking. It’s just playing for time, by Roger Boyes

It is time that Barack Obama behaved as if he were President of the United States rather than King of Narnia.

 The idea that reaching out to President Rowhani of Iran could qualify as a historical turning point, the equivalent of Richard Nixon’s ground-breaking trip to China, is little more than a fairytale — an exercise in Traumpolitik rather than Realpolitik.

 Imagine this, the White House team seem to be saying: de-claw Syria and Tehran by taking away their nerve agents and nuclear capacity, and thus make Israel secure enough to clinch a lasting deal with the Palestinians. Imagine a happy ending that turns war on its head; a Nobel prize.

 One day soon the Administration will wake up and realise that it is still dealing with the gritty, treacherous Middle East, and sadly that it has not slipped through C. S. Lewis’s magical wardrobe. That it is, in fact, being hoodwinked by Iran…”

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