Messenger of Hate


 “We preach peace and justice. Zionism on the other hand preaches corruption, oppression and tyranny and bloodshed around the world.”

by Alan Simons

This past week jewishinfoNews video service published a video taken at Toronto’s annual Al Quds demonstration of fun and frolic. The demonstration brought out the regular Jew-bashing misfits, antisemites and ignoramuses and do-gooders, as well as a smattering of members of Neturei Kartar, the ultra orthodox Jewish group who oppose Zionism. All in all, the general consensus was that the demonstration wasn’t much to write home about.  With one exception. The appearance of a young child, a boy probably no more than 13 years of age, who spoke about Jews with such hate and contempt that it went beyond anyone’s legal right of freedom of expression.

As one jewishinfoNews subscriber pointed out to me, “Listening to him, the content of what he says is so full of lies and hatred and bias, hearing it from an adult would be terrible enough. But, hearing it from a bright, articulate child is far worse. He’s the living proof of the indoctrination of hatred being spread by the extremists of Islam.”

Here’s some of what this child had to say in front of an audience who were all too willing to egg him on.

“Israel is a source of falsehood, tyranny, corruption and they are cancerous and they terrorize all the Palestinians who don’t have any weapons, they don’t have any food, they don’t have any shelter.” This child added, “Israel is an illegal terrorizing racist group… we are a peace loving people.” For good measure, he also threw in to his speech a piece about, “Zionist thugs.”

All of this took place in front of Ontario’s Legislative Building, here in Toronto. A city which ironically prides itself on its vibrant multicultural society.

Look at the video and see for yourself. Click on the image below.

Click on this image


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