EGYPT! What the Arab English Language Press Are Saying

Egypt's Flag

King Abdullah congratulates new Egyptian leader

Arab News, Saudi Arabia reports: The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah has sent a cable of congratulation to Chancellor Adli Mansour, President of Egypt. On Wednesday evening, Egypt’s army chief Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi ousted President Muhammed Mursi and declared the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court caretaker leader. In his message to Mansour, King Abdullah appeal to God to help him “shoulder the responsibility’ given to him and to achieve the hopes of his people. Egypt’s leading Muslim and Christian religious leaders backed an army-sponsored road map which suspended the constitution and called for early presidential and parliamentary elections. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar, and Pope Tawadros, the head of the Coptic Church, both made brief statements following the announcement by the head of the armed forces that deposed the elected president.

Hamas ‘does not fear’ fall of Egypt leader

Ma’an News Agency, Gaza reports: Hamas does not fear the fall of Egypt’s president Mohamed Mursi and is concerned only with the stability of the neighboring country, a leader in the Islamist party said Wednesday. “We do not fear the fall of President Mohamed Mursi,” Ahmad Yousef told Ma’an. “We fear the dramatic changes that could cause things to go out of hand and lead to bloodshed”. “There is no doubt that the whole Arab world is waiting and hoping that the situation in Egypt stabilizes,” he said. “We only care about stability in Egypt regardless of who is in charge. Egypt is a lifeline to us; it’s a major factor in the stability of the internal Palestinian situation — it is our backbone,” Yousef added.

Thank Egypt

Arab Times, Kuwait reports: Masks have fallen from the faces of the brothers of devils. Their façade is now yellow like their plots and dark like their slogans. The mulberry papers fell down and the group of deception appears weak like its ideas and wicked like its dictatorial programs. The Muslim Brotherhood removed the ‘clothes’ of deception, while sulking in a corner as if it wants to devour the authority. It made people hungry and deprived them of their most basic rights. Within a year, Egypt — the gift of the Nile — witnessed lean days that it has not experienced since the era of the pharaohs. Under the leadership of Morsi, who has been accused of escaping from jail, the country has become a wager among members of a group of thugs. Morsi, who thinks that the presidential seat grants him the right to demolish institutions, has proven he lacks the ability to manage national affairs. He even contradicted himself several times. Once, he declared himself an absolute ruler and he later defied the Constitutional Court and the judiciary. He also emptied all departments of efficient personnel in a bid to dominate the country. He thought it was the right time to take the opportunity which only knocks once. He tried to pave the way for his movement to control every corner in the country without realizing that Egypt is huge and it cannot be swallowed by any group.

National unity govt in Egypt

Oman Observer reports: The head of Egypt’s armed forces issued a declaration yesterday suspending the constitution and appointing the head of the constitutional court as interim head of state… As reports came in that the military was deploying dozens of armoured vehicles near Islamist gatherings elsewhere in the capital, the anti-Mursi protesters frantically waved Egyptian flags in and around Tahrir Square. “Egypt, Egypt” and “Leave, Leave,” they chanted outside the defence ministry building. With broad grins, they sang patriotic songs they have become accustomed to hearing as the same tunes have been pumped out on state television in the weeks leading up to the crisis. “Morsi deserves his end. He was the president of his party, not of Egypt,” said Cairo resident Amr Mohammed, who carried his 40-day-old daughter in his arms as he marched to the Ittihadiya presidential palace. A group of housewives put a table in the street and handed out dates and free cups of water, as celebrations erupted when a television station reported that Mursi had been placed under house arrest.

Egypt’s army gives Mursi the boot

The Daily Star, Lebanon reports: Egypt will see a new President sworn in Thursday to oversee a transition to early elections after a dramatic four days that saw the country’s first freely elected president, Islamist Mohammad Mursi, swept from power in a swift military coup.Jubilant crowds across Cairo cheered, chanted pro-army slogans and set off fireworks after the military suspended the constitution and announced that an interim technocrat government, headed by Chief Justice Adly Mansour, would oversee the transition period… Shortly before the announcement, the army deployed troops, commandos and armored vehicles in cities around the country. In Cairo, they stationed on bridges over the Nile River and at major intersections. They also surrounded rallies being held by Mursi’s supporters in an apparent move to contain them… At least 39 people have been killed in clashes since Sunday, hiking fears that greater violence could erupt when the final move was made against him. Four people were killed in fighting between Mursi supporters and security forces in the northern city of Marsa Matrouh while clashes with opponents erupted in Alexandria following the announcement. Battles in the Nile Delta city of Kafr al-Sheikh Wednesday left at least 200 people injured.

We will protect Morsi’s legitimacy with our blood’

Daily News, Egypt reports:  The National Coalition for Legitimacy said on Wednesday that it calls on all individuals and institutions to abide by the constitution and respect the democratic process that elected President Mohamed Morsi.  The coalition, which includes the Freedom and Justice Party, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Watan Party, Al-Wasat Party, and Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya, held a press conference at the pro-Morsi sit-in at Rabaa Al-Adaweya to declare their support for the president. The coalition repeatedly called on the military to stand by its pledge to protect the nation and remain politically neutral. “We hear the armed forces will protect those in Tahrir, but what about the citizens here,” the speaker at the press conference said. “Do we all not have national ID cards? Are we not Egyptians?” The statement attacked the opposition for infringing on the democratic process that it everyone participated in during the 2012 presidential elections. It reiterated that the opposition did not have the right to disregard the legitimacy that Morsi had gained democratically.

Egypt army topples president, announces political transition

The Jordan Times reports: Egypt’s armed forces overthrew elected Islamist President Mohamed Morsi on Wednesday and announced a political transition with the support of a wide range of political, religious and youth leaders. After a day of drama in which tanks and troops deployed near the presidential palace as a military deadline for Morsi to yield to mass protests passed, the top army commander announced on television that the president had “failed to meet the demands of the Egyptian people”… The massive anti-Morsi protests showed that the Brotherhood had not only alienated liberals and secularists by seeking to entrench Islamic rule, notably in a new constitution, but had also angered millions of Egyptians with economic mismanagement… Tourism and investment have dried up, inflation is rampant and fuel supplies are running short, with power cuts lengthening in the summer heat and motorists spending hours fuelling cars. Earlier, Morsi’s spokesman said it was better that he die in defence of democracy than be blamed by history. “It is better for a president, who would otherwise be returning Egypt to the days of dictatorship, from which God and the will of the people has saved us, to die standing like a tree,” spokesman Ayman Ali said, “Rather than be condemned by history and future generations for throwing away the hopes of Egyptians for establishing a democratic life.” Liberal opponents said a rambling late-night television address by Morsi showed he had “lost his mind”. The official spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood said supporters were willing to become martyrs to defend Morsi.

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