Our Passover message to Iran and Pakistan: “You are boring, pathetic and sanctimonious”


by Alan Simons

Recently, in the Iranian press it was reported that, “Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei in a meeting with visiting Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari voiced deep regret over the recent massacres in neighbouring Pakistan, and urged Islamabad to take decisive action in response to put an end to such moves, warning that division among Muslims has long been a Zionist goal.” Khamenei added, “Creating discord and division in the Muslim Ummah is one of the obvious and planned objectives of the Zionists and other arrogant [powers].” What utter nonesense!

Not surprisingly, the Pakistani media made no reference to Khamenei’s tiresome comments. And bearing in mind the atrocities now taking place in Iran and Pakistan against their fellow citizens, one should not be surprised.

This Passover, let us remind the Ayatollah and President Zardari of their country’s brutal discrimination against their people, in particularly their Christian communities.

Ayatollah Khamenei meets with Pakistan's President Zardari while Ahmadinejad looks on

Ayatollah Khamenei meets with Pakistan’s President Zardari while Ahmadinejad looks on

This Passover, let us remind them that the harshest countries in which to practice Christianity are overwhelmingly Islamic ones. They include Iran, Pakistan, Hamastan, Sudan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Somalia, tiny Maldives, Yemen and Iraq. Coupled with other countries such as Nigeria, Ethiopia and Eritrea,  they make up a nauseating lot!

This Passover, it’s high time we reminded ourselves that being a Zionist is nothing to be ashamed of. So-called nations, NGOs and individuals, professing to be proponents of safeguarding individual human rights, express themselves only in words against the horrors now taking place in these countries. They stand idly by as the killing, hate and intolerance against the innocent continue to flourish. Yet, if there is one issue that brings these pathetic, sanctimonious and bigoted creatures together, it is the word “Zionism.” Zionism is not a dirty word. Zionism is a word to be proud of.

This Passover, let us make sure our positive comments are heard above the quagmire of the Ayatollahs of this world.

To Khamenei  I say, remember Shakespeare’s words:  A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

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