Turkey-Israel: What Others Are Now Saying


Statement by Prime Minister Erdoğan’s press office

Prime Minister Erdoğan spoke today [March 22] with Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel.

He told him of the importance he attaches to the shared history and centuries old ties of strong friendship and cooperation between the Jewish and Turkish peoples. He said the recent deterioration of the relationship between Turkey and Israel, which he sees as having vital strategic importance for the peace and stability of the region is regrettable. He reiterated Turkey’s support for all international and regional efforts to find a just, lasting and comprehensive resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict on the basis of the two-state vision.

In light of Israel’s investigation into the Mavi Marmara incident which pointed to a number of operational mistakes, Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed Israel’s apology to the Turkish people for any mistakes that might have led to the loss of life or injury. On behalf of the Turkish people, Prime Minister Erdoğan accepted this apology…[…] – Turkish Press.com

Turkey badly needed to end row with Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu granted the Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan a face-saver for ending their three-year rift out of willingness to crown US President Barack Obama’s three-day visit with an impressive diplomatic breakthrough… The crowing comment by Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu – “Turkey’s basic demands have been met; we got what we wanted” – was out of place, spiteful and ill-mannered. He knows perfectly well that for the past year, amid a constant stream of ranting abuse from Ankara, Israel has been quietly responding to Turkey’s desperate need for cooperation in four essential fields… -Click here>>>Debka.com

Turkish MK Hanin Zoabi (Balad): Netanyahu’s apology was “not enough”

Turkish MK Hanin Zoabi (Balad), who was on the Mavi Marmara when the Israeli commandos attacked the ship said Friday Netanyahu’s apology was “not enough”. Zoabi said, “we’re talking about human life and about the killing of nine political activists,” adding that there is a need for the establishment of an international commission of inquiry into the matter. “If Netanyahu wants to start a new phase with the world around him, and not simply be satisfied with the many hugs that Obama gave all around, he should know that he should direct his energies towards the Palestinian problem: the expulsion and the occupation, as his American friend said,” referring to President Obama. Zoabi called the attack by Israel on Marvi Marmara ship the “little crime” and said if the Israeli premier wants to apologized he should “apologize to those you’ve kept under siege, that those nine activists were killed on their behalf, and begin to understand that there is no possibility of a normal Israeli life when it is accompanied by the settlements, the occupation, the siege and the persecution.” – The Tripoli Post, Libya

[Iranian] Commander sees Israel’s apology to Turkey as “New US Game”

The Zionist regime’s apology to Turkey is a new game by the United States, the Israeli regime and Turkey to further affect resistance (movement) in the region, the Islamic Awakening in particular, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces for Basij and Defense Culture Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri said. He pointed to Israel’s savage raid on the Gaza aid convoy in 2010, and stated that the shock caused by the Zionists’ attack on a Gaza-bound international aid flotilla created a special position for Turkey in regional equations. The Zionist regime troops stormed a flotilla of ships on May 31, 2010 killing a number of human rights activists on board. The ships were sailing under the Turkish flag. A number of foreign activists and officials were among passengers of the ships. The Iranian commander further stated that the global arrogance mainly moves to find a replacement for the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Muslim world. “The elite of the Muslim world should remain vigilant and pay the necessary heed to the issue and do not allow the Americans and their allies to humiliate the public opinion.” – Fars News Agency, Iran

 “Turkey’s basic demands have been met; we got what we wanted”

“Turkey’s basic demands have been met; we got what we wanted,” Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said March 22 in an interview with public broadcaster TRT. Davutoğlu said Israel’s apology to Turkey over the Mavi Marmara raid was the result of arduous negotiations that lasted three years. “What appears to you as a surprise is an effort that has been pursued and forged gradually for three years,” Davutoğlu said, noting U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s role in reaching an agreement on a joint apology text between the two parties following his visit to Ankara on March 1. Approval from both Palestinian governments. Davutoğlu also said that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called both the Hamas prime minister of Gaza and the leader of the Palestinian Authority to get their approval before accepting Israel’s formal apology for the Mavi Marmara raid. He explained that the conversations took place moments before Netanyahu’s call. He added that Erdoğan also called Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati. “The tripartite meeting started afterward. Netanyahu began, then passed the phone to Obama. I did not count the minutes, but the call lasted between 20 and 30 minutes,” Davutoğlu said. – Hürriyet Daily News ,Turkey

Israel apologizes to Turkey over flotilla deaths

Israel agreed to restore full diplomatic relations with Turkey in a surprising turnaround Friday after apologizing for a botched naval raid that resulted in the deaths of nine Turkish activists aboard an international flotilla bound for Gaza in 2010. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the breakthrough after a phone conversation with his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The 20-minute phone call was brokered by visiting President Barack Obama shortly before he left Israel. The announcement was an unexpected reversal by Netanyahu, who has repeatedly rejected calls to apologize. But the two countries’ joint interests, including fears that the Syrian civil war could spill over their respective borders, made the time ripe to mend relations. Arab News, Saudi Arabia

Israel PM apologises for flotilla deaths

Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has said he “expressed apology” to Turkey for any error that led to the death of nine Turkish nationals in 2010 in the Gaza flotilla incident. Netanyahu also said on Friday that Israel has also agreed to compensate the families of the victims… During the phone call, Erdogan underlined the importance of strong cooperation and friendship between Turkey and Israel, his office said. “Erdoğan told [Israeli premier] Binyamin Netanyahu that he valued centuries-long strong friendship and cooperation between the Turkish and Jewish nations”. Al Jazeera’s Nicole Johnston, reporting from Jerusalem, described Netayahu’s apology as “an incredible development” adding that it would be seen as a “huge achievement” of the Obama administration. Johnston also said that it is a “great win for Turkey,” which has been demanding the apology. Meanwhile, Al Jazeera’s Elif Ural, reporting from Istanbul, said that Hamas has sent a message expressing disappointment that Turkey has accepted the apology. – Al Jazeera, Qatar

Erdoğan underlined the importance of strong cooperation and friendship between Turkey and Israel

” Erdoğan told [Israeli premier] Binyamin Netanyahu that he valued centuries-long strong friendship and cooperation between the Turkish and Israeli nations,” Erdogan’s office said. It said Netanyahu appreciated Erdogan’s interview with a Danish paper in which he said he was misunderstood in remarks at a UN conference in Vienna. Erdoğan said Islamophobia should be considered a crime against humanity “just like Zionism, like antisemitism and like fascism.” His comments drew wide condemnation. Erdoğan later told Politiken that he was misunderstood and was criticizing Israeli policy. Erdoğan’s office said: “Our prime minister accepted the apology in the name of the Turkish people.” Erdoğan “expressed that it was saddening that relations, which are of vital strategic importance for peace and the stability of the region, have been soured in recent years,” the statement said. Hamas, has sent a message expressing disappointment that Turkey has accepted the apology. – Malta Today

Turkey’s Erdoğan briefs Abbas on deal with Israel

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan Friday called President Mahmoud Abbas to brief him on the agreement he has reached with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu concerning the 2010 Mavi Marmara flotilla incident. Erdoğan told Abbas that all of Turkey’s demands for reconciliation were met. President Abbas told the Turkish premier that he values his government’s support for the Palestinian cause and the peace process and the fact that Turkish nationals gave their lives on board of the Mavi Marmara in support of the Palestinian cause and the right of Palestinians to live freely and in dignity. Abbas considered all who died on the flotilla as martyrs… Netanyahu called Erdoğan and apologized for the incident, which paved the way for return of the ambassadors to their posts. Erdoğan had also called Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal and informed him of Netanyahu’s apologies and agreement between them, which he said also included lifting the Israeli blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip since 2006. – Palestinian News & Info Agency

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