In 90 years, has nothing changed for the Jews?

Editorial Comment

“What we grew up with, never again, is beginning to sound like ever again.”

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Today UK’s Jewish Chronicle (JC) online site reports that: “Nobel Peace laureate David Trimble will today deliver a statement on behalf of NGO UN Watch to the UN Human Rights Council saying its report on Israeli settlements ‘undermines and subverts’ the peace process. The report, published in January, is to be presented to the HRC today. It recommends an immediate withdrawal of Jewish Israelis from settlements and that governments and multinational corporations reconsider their relationships with Israel.”

The JC adds: “Lord Trimble, who is a former First Minister for Northern Ireland, is due to criticise the report strongly. His statement says: ‘Negotiations can only be by the Israelis and the Palestinians. Others at best can play a helpful role. But outside bodies purporting to make authoritative pronouncements on major issues over the heads of the parties can only undermine and subvert the peace process.’  He notes the Council’s habit of disproportionately focusing its scrutiny on Israel, saying: ‘I urge you to heed the criticism by successive UN secretaries-general of this Council’s habit of singling out only one specific country, to the exclusion of virtually everything else.’ ” (Click here to watch the video)

Lord Trimble’s comment reminds us of what David Lloyd George, a former Prime Minister of Britain said 90 years ago:

“Of all the bigotries that savage the human temper there is none so stupid as the antisemitic. In the sight of these fanatics, Jews today can do nothing right. If they are rich, they are birds of prey. If they are poor, they are vermin. If they are in favour of war, that is because they want to exploit the bloody feuds of Gentiles to their own profit. If they are anxious for peace, they are instinctive cowards or traitors. If he lives in a strange land, he must be persecuted and progrommed out of it. If he wants to go back to his own land, he must be prevented.”

As Britain’s Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks recently said in his keynote address, The Will to Life, at the AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) Policy Conference in Washington D.C. “I have to tell you that what we grew up with, “never again,” is beginning to sound like “ever again.”

Has nothing changed?

-Alan Simons


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