New Canadian Jewish Social Action Organisation Opens Its Arms To All Faiths

MitzvahDayCanada Jewish grass roots organisation challenges all Canadians to build stronger community relations, regardless of affiliation, religion, wealth, age, sex or nationality, by performing a Mitzvah.

Mitzvah Day Canada, a Partner of UK-based Mitzvah Day International, recently established in Canada by Alan Simons, publisher of, is based on the Jewish values of tikkun olam (repairing the world), tzedek (righteousness) and gemilut chassadim (acts of lovingkindness).

Mitzvah Day 2011 fIts mission is to reduce hardship and poverty, to help our environment and to bring a little joy – hands on -no fundraising. “It is a way for all Canadians to make their mark, regardless of affiliation, religion, wealth, age, sex or nationality,” Simons says. “Unlike many other countries, Canada to date, has not participate yet in Mitzvah Day International. But, this is about to change.” 

He adds, “Although early days  – Mitzvah Day International doesn’t take place until November 17, 2013 – plans are now well underway in Canada to encourage social action committees, corporations and individuals of all faiths, to participate in this event.”

Mitzvah Day International is a Jewish led day of social action. In 2012, over 25,000 children, young adults and adults in 18 countries, participated in hands on projects, without fundraising, to support charities, numerous local initiatives and to build stronger community relations.

>Click here< to view the Mitzvah Day Canada video.

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(Photo credit: Mitzvah Day International)

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