There is no medicine to cure Jew haters.


In plain language, it’s time to call antisemites what they are. Jew haters.

By Alan Simons

With all that is happening this week in the Muslim world, and the madness taking place at the United Nations Human Rights Council, it is more than appropriate to remind ourselves that President Obama’s astonishingly inept statement, “Egypt is not an ally nor an enemy,” will be seen by Jew haters as a sign of weakness and indecisiveness.

If there is one issue that brings pathetic sanctimonious anti-American and Jew haters together to demonstrate, it is the belief that the President and the American people are weak. And what better way to supplement the well organised riots in Egypt than through the UNs Jew hating and anti-American Human Rights Council. Ann Bayefsky of Eye on the UN writes:

“While the calamitous consequences of President Obama’s foreign policy are being played out on the Arab street, the Obama-backed UN Human Rights Council is fueling the hatred behind such violence. Today in Geneva during its current session, the Council advertised and facilitated a ‘parallel’ event designed to condemn American troops for human rights atrocities.”

Bayefsky adds:

“Legitimization of the Council has been a cornerstone of the President’s so-called engagement policy, and his administration is currently seeking a second-term as a Council member, with elections scheduled for November 12, 2012. And yet in the Council’s Bulletin of parallel meetings today [September 13], was an event organized by two UN-accredited non-governmental organizations, one of which had close ties to the regime of Mouammar Kadhafi and the other a devotee of Saddam Hussein.

The title of the session was ‘Roundtable on Human Rights Issues that Require the Council’s Attention: Iraq.’ Here’s a sample of what organizers meant by ‘human rights.’ Daniela Valencia: ‘U.S. troops are perpetrators of rape, torture and abuse.’ Karen Parker: ‘The U.S. engaged in terrorism…It terrorized the civilian population.’ The third speaker Christopher Busby said his research suggested the U.S. dropped ‘bombs made of uranium in Fallujah,’ and finished with ‘thank goodness the Koran has such enormous power.'”

Hillel Neuer writing in Canada’s National Post newspaper, also had something to say:

“New UN human rights official is a hero to Holocaust deniers.

“Promoters of the UN’s hypocrisy-ridden Human Rights Council say it’s been reformed. Yet the 47-nation body has stooped to a new low by installing a top official whose life’s work — authoring books on World War II — make Germans the victims and the Allies the war criminals.

“Alfred de Zayas made his first appearance this week as the council’s ‘Independent Expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order.’ The post was initiated by Cuba, in order to criticize Western countries that ‘wish to dominate the world with their economic and military models.'”

Neuer writes that de Zayas hates the Jewish state. “Israel,” de Zayas says, “emerged out of terrorism against the indigenous population,” remains “privileged on the international scene” and its representatives should be denied UN accreditation.

Non-governmental organizations and bigoted individuals, professing to be proponents of human rights, hardly utter a word against the horrors now taking place in Muslim countries against their Christian population.  Jew bashing  also continues to flourish, unabated.

There is no medicine to cure Jew haters. And until countries run by despots of this world hear from a strong American president who, as historian Michael Beschloss has remarked, must be seen to have “… the courage to confront paramount issues and problems and triumph over seemingly insurmountable obstacles and difficulties,”  anti-American riots and demonstrations will continue to flourish with the same vigour and passion as those which direct hate against Jews.

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