US anti-Israel lobby says “US pro-Zionists behind Iran threat.”


Iran steps up its US PR campaign against America and Israel. Recruits US-based analysts.

November 14, 2011 –  Iranian Press TV reported today that, “Recent calls made at a US presidential debate to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program represent the interests of pro-Zionists, who dominate the US Congress.”

Referring to this past Saturday’s US presidential debate, where Republican presidential hopefuls stressed the need for stronger action against Iran’s nuclear programme,  Eleanor Ommani, co- founder of the American-Iranian Friendship Committee, in an interview with Press TV said,  “These words do not represent the majority sentiment of American people.” She said the “outrageous [comments] that in any other country would not be acceptable” were only allowed to be made because they came from the “far right, pro-Zionists, who dominate the US Congress.”

Washington’s aggressive rhetoric against Iran’s nuclear program is merely a diversion to enhance US officials’ own standing and to reinforce US capitalism, Ommani added. “It is really a cover. Both Obama, from the Democratic Party, and the Republicans are using Iran for two reasons: To bolster their own careers and at the same time strengthen US capitalism,” she said.

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