– GAZA FLOTILLA: “More than ten million Euros on a publicity circus?”


“The Gaza Flotilla has nothing to do with human rights. It is only a shallow publicity exercise to legitimize the terrorists of Hamas.”

JULY 07, 2011- The following excerpt is from an article written by Barry Shaw that appeared in The View from Israel.

Gaza Flotilla Truths – it’s Insane, Immoral, and Illegal

Gaza today is a middle class society being portrayed by the flotilla, and BDS crowd, as one of the greatest humanitarian disasters on earth. The 2011 flotilla is sailing just days after Gaza City opened its second super shopping mall replete with a wide range of goods, mostly supplied by Israel. By the way, most of the building material, including the moving escalators, came from Israel.

Even assuming that Palestinians can’t survive on an excess of one and a half billion dollars of annual international aid plus a local economy that is growing at a double digit rate per annum, thanks to the cooperation of Israel, why are these flotilla people blowing more than ten million Euros on a publicity circus? Danny Williams in the February 2, 2011 edition of “Liberal Conspiracy” said that this figure only covered the hire of the ships but did not include the fuel, personal expenses, or the needless aid which, in the case of the American ship, seems to be an essential bundle of love letters to the people of Gaza. Will Gazans survive without this essential humanitarian aid, I wonder, if “The Audacity of Hope” gets diverted to Ashdod?

William’s assessment did not include the more recent addition of a Jordanian ship for which Jordanians miraculously found $805,000 to buy this boat. And you thought they were also struggling to make end meet?

The twisted logic of anti-Israel radicals can pervert anything. Take the example of the “Juliano” ship of the flotilla. This boat was named after Juliano Mer, an Israel Arab from Haifa who closely identified with the Palestinian cause to the extent that he organized a theatre in Jenin. Mer was gunned down outside his theatre by Palestinian gunmen. Yet, despite the fact that he was murdered by Palestinians the activists can push credence to such an extreme degree as to name a boat after him as part of their Palestinian platform and use it to condemn Israel. They are unable to find the irony in their decision.

The American radicals involved with the “The Audacity of Hope” have fronted their publicity stunt with useful idiots who purport to champion minority civil rights. Alice Walker may be author of The Color Purple, but it is the Code Pink radical movement who intend to arrive in Gaza and embrace the Hamas leaders of Gaza and hand them their love letters with speeches of support.

Barry Shaw’s article can be read in its entirety  at Barry Shaw- Gaza Flotilla Truths 

(Photo credit: Rolo Tomassi, Flickr)

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