-CANADA: A Statement of Support against Durban III


Weekend June 25-26, 2011.


“Canada Proudly Boycotts Resolution on Durban Commemorative Meeting” -Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister, John Baird, is pleased to announce that Canada proudly boycotted action on a United Nations General Assembly resolution which sets out the details for a high-level meeting to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of the 2001 hateful and anti-Semitic Durban Conference.

 On November 25, 2010, Canada announced that it would not participate in the 10th anniversary event, scheduled for September 22, 2011.

 “Canada has already made it clear that under this government’s leadership, we will not lend our good name to a meeting which seeks to commemorate the original Durban Conference and its declaration, which was flawed with anti-Semitic and hateful rhetoric,” said Minister Baird. “We were the first country to announce we would not participate in the 10-year anniversary, and we are pleased that other like-minded nations have joined Canada’s leadership in boycotting this meeting.

 “As such, no Canadian delegation attended today’s meeting [June 13, 2011] of the General Assembly, as a sign of protest.”


(Source: Chris Day, Director of Communications, Office of Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird.)
(Photo credit: flyfmkingston.com)



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