IRAN: Ahmadinejad gives two-fingered salute to USA and Zionism.


Fighting Global Terrorism- the Iranian Way.

JUNE 12, 2011. – Iran will host an international summit on fighting terrorism in which officials from 80 countries as well as regional and international organizations will take part. The Global Fight against Terrorism International Summit will be held on June 25 and 26…

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad described Zionist regime as the center of world terrorism and oppression against innocent people.

“The reason for our insistence that the Zionist regime should be wiped out and vanished is that the Zionist regime is the main base for imposing oppression and harbors the main terrorists of the world,” Dr.Ahmadinejad said in a meeting here on Sunday with participants in the “Tehran International Conference on Global Alliance against Terrorism for Just Peace”.

He said to fight terrorism, the foundation of the world institutions and bases and pillars of the world system which are ruled by the US-led West should be changed to establish a fair global management system first.

President dismissed the US allegations about the hunt down of the Al-Qaeda Leader, Osama bin Laden, as an act staged on the world scene to secure a victory for the US ruling party in upcoming elections.

“We have precise information that the person they have recently killed has long been in the hands of the US militaries,” Dr.Ahmadinejad said.

He reminded that bin Laden served as a precious pretext for the US to invade “our region and we witness the murder of 150 people in Pakistan each day”.

“We have precise information that they killed him not as a move to fight terrorism, but to feed the propaganda inside the US society to win the vote of the people in (upcoming) elections,” president added.

“Former US president [George W. Bush] attacked our region to save the country’s economy and win the votes. He killed one million people and his successor [Barack Obama] pursues the same strategy,” he pointed out.

President Ahmadinejad noted that the arrogant system is in decline and said, “No change will be made in the unfair global order through the change of puppets.”

He emphasized that the United States and Zionist regime would collapse and justice would be established in the world.

Nations should be prepared to live in a world filled with justice, stressed the President.


Hamas: Israel is cancer and must be uprooted

Ahlul Bayt News Agency reports – New Hamas representative to Tehran told in an inaugural interview that the ultimate goal of the movement was to free the entire Palestinian land, destroy the Zionist regime and rescue the revered Quds from the claws of the Zionists.

Khaled al-Qoddoumi said Hamas would not pay any attention to the negative propaganda of the western media that Hamas should or would withdraw from the path of resistance.

In a first interview with Iranian media after arriving in Tehran, Qoddoumi, who replaced Osama abd al-Mo’ti early in May, said Israel has no belief in living alongside the Palestinian nation.

The senior Hamas member refuted any option of compromise with Israel and underlined resistance as the only way of struggling with the occupiers and restoring the rights of the Palestinian nation. He predicted that one day, the Quds would return to the lap of the world of Islam.

(News and photo credits: Ahmadinejad – PressTV; al-Qoddoumi-


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