-Canadian Muslim group uses KKK video on their website.


“It’s hard to believe that in 2011, there would be any credible or faith-based group that would embrace the most despicable neo-Nazi in North America, David Duke.” –Bernie Farber, CEO of Canadian Jewish Congress.

“Grounds to lodge a complaint to police over the website, which it said may be in violation of Canada’s hate laws.”

APRIL 12, 2011. From Canada’s National Post (April11) –  A Canadian Muslim group is making no apologies for its Internet site, which features a video address by former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.

In the 12-minute video on the Canadian Shia Muslims Organization website, Mr. Duke espouses conspiracy theories about what he calls “Zionist running dogs.”

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Asked about the video, the Markham, Ontario based Muslim group responded with an email saying it would not discuss the matter unless the press reported on “the Islamaphobic [Sic] hate propaganda going on here in Canada.”

The Canadian Shia Muslim Organization was incorporated in 2008 to “support multiculturalism” and “interfaith dialogue.” Federal records list the directors as Munir Hussain Syed, Riaz Husain and Syed Fayyaz Mehdi Rizvi…

The group’s address is a postal box in Markham. [Ontario] It has no phone listing. In its literature, it calls itself “a grassroots organization of Canadian Shia Muslims that operates above racial, gender and ethnicity considerations.” Its stated aim is to “represent all Canadian Shia Muslims to promote and ensure their participation in religious and political arenas of the Canadian society.”

The video can currently be seen at: http://casmo.ca/ or on You Tube


APRIL 13, 2011.

From Bernie Farber, CEO of Canadian Jewish Congress:

You may have read recently that a Canadian Shia group posted a number of videos on its site that were clearly in our view antisemitic. The videos in question featured David Duke notorious KKK leader and neo-Nazi.

Following the first National Post story a second article appeared in the National Post reporting that CJC had filed a formal hate crimes complaint to York Regional Police Services.

Today I am happy to report that the site in question has now removed the antisemitic videos as a result it seems of our complaint to the police. We are still working with the police in its investigation of our original complaint.

Success here, we believe, delivers a clear message that such hateful behaviour will simply not be tolerated.

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