-BELGIUM POLITICIAN: Jews “salivate about apartheid.”


Selahattin Koçak

“Muslims are better integrated than Jews.” 

JANUARY 03, 2011 – Selahattin Koçak is a Belgium-Flemish politician of Turkish origin. He was recently interviewed by the Belgium publication, P-magazine. This is what he had to say.

Q: Do you think that Muslims are better integrated than Jews, who seldom commit crimes?

A: “Absolutely! Your article from several weeks ago about the way in which Jews have closed themselves off from the rest of our society, doesn’t that say enough? I was shocked by it. Especially by the way in which they silence their own people. It’s unfair that you can’t criticize Jews in the least without being accused of antisemitism. Michael Freilich (editor of the Jewish magazine Joods Actueel), is in my view a much more dangerous figure than Abu Imran* (Belgium Islamist and leader of Shariah4Belgium). He does nothing else than sifting every day through all the papers, looking for one slanted word about Jews, so he could respond very offended. He does his job very well, because he naturally draws all Jewish readers behind him. But he also creates ‘we-them’ thinking.

“The Jews still live off one of the greatest crimes in the history of mankind, but the Holocaust is still 65 years ago. You and I weren’t responsible for it, period. You can, for that matter, wonder what’s the difference between the Holocaust and what they’re doing in Palestine. That is also mass murder. They salivate about apartheid, but they are building a wall and settlements on land that isn’t theirs. And in our society they’ve really also built a wall around themselves. Although I understand that they have an enormous trauma and therefore dread foreign people.

“But it also has to do with cents. A community that has enough money, can withdraw from the majority. You see that all over the world. A community that isn’t as rich, is doomed to integrate, and I mean that positively.”

*Abu Imran: “Europe will be dominated by Islam. We will rule over Europe, because the Prophet [Muhammad] has promised us victory, and he said that the Hour [Judgment Day] will not come until a group of this nation, will conquer the White House and conquer Rome. So we will conquer, Allah willing.”- (Source Memri)

(Editorial and photo credit: Islam in Europe)



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