-THE UN, USA and IRAN: A triadic disaster.


“The best solution to the UN would be to dismantle its agencies, tear down its buildings and pour salt in the foundations so this kind of contamination can never again infect the world.”

-Lorne Gunter


By Alan Simons

NOVEMBER 05, 2010 –  Since 2006, I have been reporting on Iran’s nuclear ambitions as well as its mission to take a controlling interest in numerous UN programs. To date, very little has been done to stop Iran, a country that has one of the world’s worst human rights record, from reaching its objectives.  Last week, Human Rights Watch went on record:

The Iranian authorities have continued to execute more prisoners – mostly by hanging – than any country other than China. Persons belonging to minorities, including foreign nationals – particularly Afghans – figure heavily among those on death row. Many of those executed have been convicted of murder or drug smuggling after deeply flawed trials. The death penalty may also be imposed for “offenses” that have no inherent lethal intent – such as “adultery while married,” “sodomy,” “insulting the holy sanctities,” and “establishing or membership of a group which aims to harm national security” – in violation of international human rights law. At least six people have been stoned to death for “adultery while married” since 2006. In 2009, Iran executed at least 388 individuals, including at least five juvenile offenders. Between January and October 2010, Iran executed over 220 people, including one who may have been a juvenile offender.  At least 141 juvenile offenders are currently under sentence of death for crimes that they allegedly committed when they were under 18 years of age, in violation of Iran’s treaty obligations under international law.

Lorne Gunter in today’s National Post (Canada) puts it more succinctly:

Just when you think it’s impossible for the United Nations to get any more ridiculous, it finds new ways to outdo itself. Consider that this week alone, Iran and Saudi Arabia ascended to membership on the UN women’s rights panel, Cuba organized a host of rights-abusing dictatorships to gang up on the United States and officially denounce its human rights record (so much for Barack Obama’s vaunted outreach to the rest of the world) and the world body announced a third anti-Israel human rights bash for New York City next fall on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

As I have said before, the best solution to the UN would be to dismantle its agencies, tear down its buildings and pour salt in the foundations so this kind of contamination can never again infect the world.

Contempt for Washington

Indeed for me, I started to take more than just a casual interest in Iran’s nuclear ambitions four years ago when it was reported the Iranian Research and Technology Minister, Mohammad M. Zahedi, during a visit to Indonesia, said his country was ready to cooperate with other Islamic countries in development of advanced technology, including nuclear technology. “We are ready to cooperate with all Islamic countries on advanced technology, including nuclear because knowledge about nuclear power is also advanced technology,” Zahedi said at Indonesia’s Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB).

Two years later, on June 20, 2008, I wrote that Tehran had offered to share its nuclear experience with Syria. The offer came from Iran’s ambassador to Syria, Sayyed Ahmed Moussavi. He cited July 2008 as the date for their officials to meet. DEBKAfile’s military sources reported:

Iran’s willingness to defy its obligations under the non-proliferation treaty by offering a nuclear capability to Syria across the border from Israel brings Tehran’s threat to wipe Israel off the map much closer to home. It is a mark of contempt for Washington and the US-led Western sanctions.

The language of genocide

Of course, it didn’t stop there. A few months later, on Sunday, November 30, 2008 Iran continued on its quest to share its nuclear development, by proposing Persian Gulf states form a consortium for developing nuclear power plants in the region. “The proposal was made by the head of the Iran Atomic Energy Organization Reza Aqazadeh in his address to the opening session of the first International Seminar on Nuclear Power Plants, Environment and Sustainable Development,” reported the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA). “Iran is ready to provide very soon a comprehensive plan for the proposal if it were approved in generalities by the Persian Gulf littoral states,” Aqazadeh stressed.

And what assertive response to all of this did we see from newly elected President Obama?  Not much it seems.  Here’s what Melanie Phillips had to say at that time writing in the UK Spectator:

The Iranians are amongst the most shrewd and sophisticated strategists around. They can see that the election of Obama is a signal of American weakness. The question no-one can currently answer, however, is whether President Obama will now repudiate his history and turn through sheer force of circumstances into a centrist and war leader – which would be remarkable but by no means unprecedented — or will remain true to his radical past. Upon the answer to that question, the ability of the free world to defend itself against the onslaught now depends.

Phillips added: “All the evidence to date suggests he [Obama] will throw Israel’s security under the bus while appeasing the enemies of the free world.”

Kenneth R. Timmerman, known for his work in exposing Iran’s nuclear weapons program, (he was nominated for the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize),points out in The Strategic Studies Institute’s 2005 book Getting Ready for a Nuclear-Ready Iran:

Former Iranian President Ali Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani stated that Iran believed it would come out the winner. “In a nuclear duel in the region, Israel may kill 100 million Muslims,” Rafsanjani said. “Muslims can sustain such casualties, knowing that, in exchange, there would be no Israel on the map.”

Rafsanjani expanded on this doomsday calculus in an oft-cited Friday prayer sermon in Tehran on December 14, 2001, noting  “the use of a [single] nuclear bomb in Israel will leave nothing on the ground,” whereas an Israeli strike on Iran “will only damage the world of Islam.” Rafsanjani said that Israel would be “removed from the region and the world of Islam [as] extraneous matter”, and that “those who have gathered together in Israel would one day be dispersed again.” This is not the language of mutually assured destruction or deterrence. This is the language of genocide.

Timmerman adds:

The clarity of Iran’s threats should not be dismissed as mere exaggeration or wishful thinking. A nuclear-ready Iran is likely to goad Israel into launching a pre-emptive attack, after it has dispersed its nuclear material to ensure that it survives the strike. If the regime feels threatened-from domestic dissent, or foreign attack-the risk of nuclear miscalculation is enormous.

Only one Iranian nuclear-tipped missile needs to penetrate Israel’s anti-missile defenses to devastate Israel’s highly concentrated population. Even a cowed Israeli leadership, deterred from pre-emptively attacking Iranian nuclear sites, can be expected to unleash its nuclear arsenal, in a tragic re-enactment of the Jewish defenders at Masada 2,000 years ago, who preferred suicide to surrendering to the Roman legion.

One final comment. A fitting quote from President Ahmadinejad:  “We consider ourselves to be a human force and a cultural power and hence a friend of other nations. We have never sought to dominate others or to violate the rights of any other country.”

Now, have a good weekend.

(Photo credit: zvis.com)


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