-MAHMOUD ABBAS: We all have problems. (Update)


Palestinian organisations in Europe against the peace talks.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2010. –  According to the Islam in Europe blog, “Over twenty Palestinian Arab organizations in Europe have signed a letter criticizing Mahmoud Abbas’ negotiating with Israel, saying that he will sell out on Jerusalem and the ‘right of return’ without representing them.

They claim that Abbas is covering up the Zionist killing of Palestinian Arabs, the Judaizing of Jerusalem, and the creation of ghettos for Palestinian Arabs in the West Bank, as well as collaborating with the Israelis.

The letter concluded that the ‘Palestinian people’ will certainly not tolerate any such moves.

Groups that signed the letter included The General Secretariat of the Conference of Palestinians in Europe, Palestinian Return Centre, London, Palestinian Doctors in Europe, the Association of Palestinian Engineers in Europe, the Association of Palestinian Women in Europe, The Denmark Palestinian Forum, Britain Palestinian Forum, the Palestinian Center for Justice, the Palestinian Assembly of Italy, the Austrian Association of Palestine, the Palestinian Forum of the Netherlands, , the Palestinian Forum of France, the Association of Germany of the Right of Return, the Palestinian Assembly of the Netherlands, Sweden Palestinian Engineers Association, Union of Palestinian Artists in Sweden, Union of Palestinian Teachers in Sweden, and the Palestinian Assembly – Ireland.”

Islam in Europe states that Palestinian Arabs who live in Europe have traditionally been far more ideologically hawkish than the ones who live in the West Bank.  Sounds familiar?”


“From music to murder.”

SEPTEMBER 16, 2010 –  Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) report today that while Abbas was talking about peace, his PA TV was broadcasting “a Palestinian dance group performing and singing about conquering Israel through war. The song describes Israelis as ‘despicable’ and an ‘invading enemy’ and declares that ‘the Palestinian revolution awaits [them].’ Israeli cities Lod and Ramle as well as Jerusalem are presented as Palestinian cities to be liberated through ‘Jihad’ by Palestinians who have ‘replaced bracelets with weapons.’ The song then calls to: ‘Pull the trigger’.

The performance was broadcast on official Palestinian Authority TV this week, two days before the latest round of peace talks. Click on the image below to watch the PA TV broadcast.”

(Photo credit: Islam in Europe)

(Video credit: Palestinian Media Watch)



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