Gaza Flotilla Passenger


“Mavi Marmara.” Racist comments hurled at the BBCs Panorama programme for their fair presentation of the facts.

AUGUST 20, 2010  –  This week, the BBC’s Panorama programme, the world’s longest running investigative TV show, produced a documentary that examined what really happened last May on the “Free Gaza Flotilla.”

According to the Jerusalem Post, the programme “is causing a storm of protest – from critics of Israel, who are furious that the program was not as hostile to Israel as they thought it should be The critics, including an activist from the Free Gaza movement who was aboard the Mavi Marmara, are organizing demonstrations on Sunday outside the BBC’s London headquarters and other BBC offices, and are calling for a mass campaign of complaints to the BBC in general and the program makers in particular.”

Here’s what a representative of the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland had to say about the programme, which can be viewed in two segments on the >>>jewishinfoNews video service<<<:

BBC’s Panorama re. Flotilla – ‘Death on the Med’

Last night, the BBC broadcast a half-hour Panorama programme examining the ‘Free Gaza’ flotilla and the Israeli raid of the Mavi Marmara on May 31. Presenter Jane Corbin presented the programme, which was for the most part very clear and fair in its presentation of the facts.

During the film, Corbin remarked that, “here in Gaza, the problem’s not so much a lack of food or medicine” and that “the Turkish government… support[s] Hamas.” Describing who was on board the boat, she commented that “the IHH invited fellow Islamists from across the Arab world,” and highlighted the fact that some of those on board the ship expressed a desire to die as martyrs. Corbin interviewed the head of the IHH, the group responsible for the violence breaking out, who admitted a premeditated plan to throw the Israeli soldiers into the sea.

She concluded the programme by asking, “what about the aid the IHH said was the reason for their mission? Some of it has arrived in Gaza from Israel , and is sitting in a warehouse… but I found that two thirds of the medicines are out of date and useless”. “At the end of the day, the bid to break the naval blockade wasn’t really about bringing aid to Gaza . It was a political move designed to put pressure on Israel and the international community… the IHH presented the dead as martyrs.”


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