A letter from a 12 year old about himself, his ideals, and death threats.

By Alan Simons

APRIL 14, 2010  – The youngest promoter of human rights in Serbia, 12 year old Rastko Pocésta, has already written two books about politics, and is active on the Internet against racism and neo-racism. He has now received death threats about his work.

This week I received an urgent email from a jewishinfoNews reader, born in Serbia, now living in the Netherlands, who is a lawyer specializing in human rights law. She is also a leading authority on negative attitudes towards the Roma people. She received the following letter from Rastko Pocésta.

The content describes the dire state of one young, gifted 12 year old boy.

Rastko Pocésta,  April 11, 2010.

My name is Rastko Pocésta, I was born on January 27, 1998 (International Holocaust Remembrance Day) in Belgrade, Serbia.

I am a human, civil, political and minority rights activist, whose goal is international co-operation, peace, love and stability, in a tolerant society without racial, ethnic, gender or any other form of discrimination. I am social democrat/social liberal. I wrote two books: “Hall of Presidents” (biographical about US presidents) and “Man that did not survive the Holocaust.” It is a semi-fictional book that tells a story about Isaac Reisenstein, who lived during the period 1938-1945. However, many real-life persons appear in the story which is based on real, historical events.

Rastko Pocésta

My professional work began in February 2009, when I joined a number of anti-fascist and human rights groups on Facebook. Becoming active inside the groups, I earned the title of administrator in May 2009. . .  In August 2009, I wrote my book “Hall of Presidents.”

On April 7, 2010, B92 was the first media in Serbia, to get interested about my work. After broadcasting an interview with me on April 8, I received many death threats. One threat said that I would be killed on the first day of school, on April 12, by members of far right ultra-nationalist neo-Nazi organizations.

Yours sincerely,

Rastko Pocésta

The B92 interview can be viewed on You Tube at:


As of this evening, it’s my understanding Rastko is well.

UPDATE as of Thursday, April 15, 2010.

This morning my source advised me the latest news about Rastko is that the ultra-nationalist, neo-Nazi organization from Belgrade, OBRAZ published Rastko’s photo on their website, calling their members to beat him up whenever they see him, “to beat the weird ideas out of Rastko’s head.”

I’m told OBRAZ is a major hate-speech factory in Serbia openly promoting antisemitism, racism, homophobia. Their members are often involved in brutal physical violence against gay activists etc.

Here is the link to their hateful observation of a 12-year old young boy:  http://obraz.forumotion.com/forum-f37/topic-t2438.htm

UPDATE as of Thursday, April 29, 2010.

I learnt today that Rastko, after so much publicity,  now receives police protection.


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  1. In many ways it is admirable that a twelve year old can be so productive. But it does confirm that the pro-EU, pro-NATO toadies in Serbia are essentially children. This is a very amusing joke-obviously the child has no clue as to what life is really like outside Serbia…say in the jungles of Paris or Chicago. I doubt Serbs will trade their birthright for the false and repeatedly betrayed promises of the EU and the USA. The boy [Rastko] needs only to visit Kosovo.

  2. Well, even if wounds are fresh no one should be infringed from his fundamental human right, that is the freedom of speech. Because people in Serbia do not like it, that does not mean that does not mean you should kill him. Your right to speech should not prohibit to state his opinion. People should be open for an intellectual debate and not violate someone’s right because they simply disagree. Serbia must learn that people must agree to disagree. Another embarrassing report from Serbia that proves that there are still neo-Nazis in the country and proves that atrocities committed in the Balkans are exactly from the same people.

  3. I find this child [Rastko] abuse, obscene and disgusting! Yes, the threats, but more so, the exploitation by his parents.
    Can you imagine the reaction to someone in Israel supporting the PLO?
    Twelve or 112, the wounds are still raw and you have to realize that those who lost either a loved one(s), or in many cases everything, will not react in any other way.
    The thing that makes me nauseous the most is this supposed link between Serbians and antisemitism. Well, that would have been news to Simon Wiesenthal who went to his grave defending Serbian people- Serbians and Jews were co-tenants at Jasenovac, the Croatian murder factory. Please Israel, never forget that!
    Yes, the child has above average IQ, but please don’t fall for this PR exercise from greedy and ambitious parents.

  4. This child [Rastko] is a creature of the television station B92. The Holocaust is just an excuse. In Kosovo, the real victims are Serbs.

  5. First of all, I think that this child needs to get a life – it is really tragic that a society exists where 12-year-olds need to deal with such difficult issues as politics.

    I read some of his articles and I can say that they are actually on the level of a 12-yr-old, with not much valid and true argumentation but rather endless reiterations of mantras already provided by other Serbian ultra-liberals. What makes the difference, though, is that this kind of pulp fiction political analysis attracts aggressive reactions from brain-dead haters. And, to sum up, I fully agree with Miloš – Rastko’s parents should have taken things more easily for him.

  6. First of all, excuse me for my bad English. The story about a child named Rastko Pocesta has nothing to do with antisemitism in any form. It has nothing to do with Serb nationalism or any other kind of a fairytale. It’s much much deeper than that. It has everything to do with two decades of very hard years for Serbia, 10 years of wars, 800,000 Serbian refugees, 2,000 lives lost in NATO bombing in 1999, 56 kids among them, the loss of our soul – KOSOVO. Rastko is very young, he is only 12. He is too young to understand how serious and hard the subject is that he trying to talk about. But, if Rastko has no awareness of the consequences of his actions, his parents should have. The parents of Rastko should have been aware of what would have happened after he give the interview to a most hated pro-west and pro-NATO TV station in Serbia. It’s true that immediately after that interview there were thousands of comments on internet forums, in newspapers etc. Bad comments, including one from me. I don’t like it when somebody, especially here in Serbia, says that he supports Kosovo as an independent state, that he justifies NATO bombing etc etc. And there are thousands of others who think the same. And nobody here really believes that one little kid of 12 can do something like that alone and by himself! Like I said, it’s much deeper than that! In conclusion, I’m one of you. This has nothing to do with antisemitism!

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