-IRAN: The land of topsy-turvydom!


Iran now accuses Israel of waging psychological warfare with Saudi assistance

pict6JULY 23, 2009 –  According to the latest report from Israel’s Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, “Iranian media and spokesmen continue to demonize Israel, accusing it of complicity with the West in plotting against Iran . The so-called plots pertain both to Iran’s internal affairs (such as the recent post-election protests) and to its regional relations (the encirclement of Iran ). To support that propaganda line, Iran ‘s media uses false, fabricated information—for example, accusing Israel of encouraging Jews to emigrate to Iraqi Kurdistan as part of its goal to expand from the Nile to the Euphrates . At the same time, Iranian spokesmen and media kept encouraging the Palestinians to destroy Israel (“the Zionist regime”) and to continue carrying out terrorist activities against it (“resistance”), saying that the Palestinian people had nothing to gain from the peace process.”

In addition, the Iranian’s  accuse Israel of waging psychological warfare with Saudi assistance. The political editor of the Ghods newspaper claims that the “Zionist regime”, assisted by Saudi Arabia, is waging psychological warfare against Iran. Iran accused Saudi media, such as the Al-Arabiyya channel, of presenting a false image of the post-election events in Iran.

The Center outlines a number of areas detailing Iranian references to Israel. These include:

-Accusing the West and Israel of encouraging the reformist bloc

-Claiming that the US policy is influenced by the “Zionist lobby”

-Israel’s President Peres’s visit to Azerbaijan increases Iran ‘s feeling of encirclement

-False information on Kurdish Israeli Jews emigrating to Iraqi Kurdistan

-Encouraging the Palestinians to continue terrorism, opposition to the peace process, and calling to destroy Israel

-Ahmadinejad continues the Holocaust denial policy

-Iranian delegations abandoned conferences and competitions because of Israel ‘s participation

Surprisingly, there are occasions Iran remains speechless. For instance, they were conspicuously silent in the exposure of a Hezbollah terrorist cell in Azerbaijan, about one month before President Peres’s visit to Azerbaijan.  Such is  the Ahmadinejad world as it is taught in topsy-turvydom.

To read the Center’s full report, click here onReport

(Photo credits: cryptome.org)

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