-WHEN NGOs are hard hit by the financial downturn


An outstanding anti-racism and Human Rights NGO loses its main donor.

logo_homeMAY 19, 2009 – Magenta Foundation is an outstanding international anti-racism and Human Rights NGO based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Their core activities include:  information dissemination for the International NGO community (ICARE); reporting on conferences and events OSCE (Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe), UN Durban, WCAR (World Conference against Racism); facilitation of networking and empowerment; bridge building between communities, and monitoring and taking action on hate on the Internet.

Magenta, which was founded in 1992, instituted the world’s first hotline for hate on the Internet; co-founded the International Network Against Cyber Hate (INACH); did live reporting through I CARE for the 2001 World Conference Against Racism in Durban; webcasted (2006) the name-reading of all Dutch Jews murdered during the Holocaust and created awareness campaigns on extremism, antisemitism, Holocaust denial and hate against minorities. In addition, last month it facilitated NGO networking during the Durban Review Conference and preparatory process in Geneva.

Magenta Foundation is non-partisan, pro-democracy, and non-ideological. They aim to change the world for the better, and bring a healthy measure of courage and also attitude to this enormous task.

In its 17th year of existence, Magenta Foundation is now facing an existential financial crisis. They advised us that, “like so many NGOs all over the world we were hit hard by the financial downturn, but particularly we are in trouble since we lost our main donor, Ford Foundation, due to their withdrawal from European projects. Already this year, we have received only half of our operating budget, which means that by August 1 we will have to lay off all staff, and liquidate the office by December 31st. That is, if we do not succeed in finding funds before August 1.”

The Foundation adds that, “in times of economic crisis there is a greater need for countering antisemitism, discrimination, intolerance and Human Rights abuse, and a greater need for creating alliances and building bridges.”

Magenta, through its work, believes that it fulfills a unique role and function. We agree.

If you would like to find out more about this organisation, you may contact them at:

Stichting Magenta – Magenta Foundation, Camperstraat 3 hs – 1091 AD Amsterdam – The Netherlands.  Phone +31-20-6927266 – Fax +31-20-6927267.  www.magenta.nl E-mail: info@magenta.nl


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