-ISRAEL: Promoting blood libels

QUOTE OF THE WEEK- March 29, 2009

Jews Spread Blood Libels Against Jews

“Defaming an individual is a criminal offense. To defame a nation by falsely presenting its soldiers as wanton murderers would be considered treasonable in most countries. For Israelis to defame their own youngsters when their nation is at war and battling false international accusations of war crimes – is simply unconscionable.  They are promoting outright blood libels against their own people.

A handful of unnamed soldiers in a discussion at a mechina (pre-military college) made unsubstantiated allegations concerning two isolated acts of indiscriminated killing and vandalism perpetrated against Palestinian civilians. Upon further examination it transpired that one of the two raconteurs was relying on rumours and had not even served in Gaza. Nobody verified the allegations or attempted to consider the acts in the context of threats such as suicide bombers.

The IDF was denied the names of the individuals making the claim and was not even granted advance notice to investigate and respond to the allegations. Which begs the question as to why the informants failed to report the alleged malpractices in the first instance. The accusers did not merely allege that their comrades were indulging in barbaric Cossack-like rampages. They implied that such behaviour was the by-product of the ravings of fanatical rabbis who goaded them to initiate killing sprees. They said the message was that goyim – gentiles – had invaded our sacred land and had to be expelled for interfering with our conquest of Eretz Yisrael.

The anonymous informants depicted an atmosphere of religious hysteria in which IDF rabbis  ‘anointed us with oil and stuck holy books into our hands.’  They sent us ‘booklets filled with Psalms . . . we could have filled the room with the Psalms they sent.’  They claimed that the war was effectively portrayed as a religious passion. These reports cast aspersions on all religious Zionist soldiers and officers who are represented in IDF combat units in far greater numbers than their proportion of the population. They display patriotism, love of country and are frequently held up as role models of dedication and self-sacrifice.”

-Isi Leibler, Israel and the Jewish World, March 27, 2009.



Ed. note:   In Toronto, Canada,  there’s a group of Jews who oppose Zionism who came together to form the Not In Our Name (NION) network, during the summer of 2006, in solidarity with the people of Lebanon and Palestine against Israel’s wars and in opposition to what they believe as the complicity of the Canadian government with Israel’s criminal actions.  

According to the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, this Sunday April 5, a boycott of Israeli wines is being organized by Not in Our Name at one of Toronto’s main provincial government liquor outlets.  UJA has stated an excellent way to express one’s opposition to this group is by purchasing Israeli wine at the same time at the same store. NION are stating that their expression for a boycott is in support of the Palestinian struggle for justice in a non-violent way.  It is unfortunate that for many Palestinian Christians and Muslims living in Gaza under the terrorist regime of Hamas, they are unable to openly express their own personal struggle for justice, peace and freedom. 

What NION fails to mention is that they are aligned with Israel Apartheid Week, who no doubt will also show their presence on the day. As we have mentioned in a previously article, a link already exists between Israel Apartheid Week and the Arab-Iranian-British Socialist Workers Party axis. Now the Jewish group NION has joined them.  Perhaps NIONs members are in line to also receive an honourary Palestinian passport from Hamas,  just like George Galloway.






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