-CANADA bans Georgie Porgie


“Haniya is the PM of all the free people, not only in Gaza, but also all over the world. We accept him as a PM for the free people.” – George Galloway in an interview with Motasem Dalloul of IslamOnline.net in Gaza City.

gallowaygaza2_fullMARCH 27, 2009As reported by Canadian Press (CP), British Member of Parliament George Galloway barred from Canada, is considering suing the Canadian federal government for having branded him a terrorist.

Galloway, who is renowned for making a laughing stock of Parliament by appearing on the show Celebrity Big Brother, where he performed for the public by crawling around on all fours pretending to be a cat, and by dressing in a leotard, arrived in Gaza earlier this month after his convoy was vandalized and pelted with stones on the Egyptian-Gaza border.

CP states:  “The Canadian government says Galloway ‘is inadmissible to Canada because he engaged in terrorism and was a member of a group that engaged in terrorism.’

“Hamas is a banned terrorist organization in Canada.

“The federal government advised Galloway in a letter last week that he could not enter Canada because he violated provisions 34.1 (c) and 34.1 (f) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

“That first provision says someone can be barred from Canada for ‘engaging in terrorism.’ The second says someone can be barred for ‘being a member of an organization’ that engages in terrorism.”

According to Canadian Press, Galloway says he not only doesn’t belong to Hamas, but he wouldn’t even support its political faction if he could vote in Palestinian elections.galloway

We find Galloway’s comment quite misleading, for we wonder why then would he have accepted a Palestinian passport in Gaza from the terrorist Hamas leader Ismail Haniya, seen together in a photo on the right.

(Photo credits: Arabian Business and Live Leak)


March 30, 2009 –  As reported in this evening’s Toronto Star:

“Controversial British MP George Galloway has been denied entry into Canada by a federal court judge.

Justice Luc Martineau ruled today the Canada Border Service Agency did not err in its decision to prevent Galloway, who the federal government accuses of being a terrorist sympathizer, from engaging in a four-city speaking tour. The decision means Galloway will not be appearing in person to give an anti-war speech this evening in Toronto.

“The admission of a foreign national to this country is a privilege determined by statute, regulation or otherwise, and not a matter of right,” Martineau wrote in his ruling. “In this respect Parliament has expressly given the CBSA officers legal authority to exclusively determine whether a foreign national who seeks to enter this country is admissible.”

The report can be read in its entirety at: http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/article/610632


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