French comedian honours denier. Audience applaudes.



DECEMBER 28, 2008  – The UK’s The Independent newspaper reports today on their online site that,  “the black French comedian, Dieudonné, provoked outrage at the weekend by giving a ‘ heroism’ award on stage before 5,000 people to a veteran Holocaust [denier] negationist.”

The Independent writes:

Dieudonné, 42, who has a conviction for making antisemitic remarks, handed the spoof award for “social unacceptability and insolence” to Robert Faurisson, an octogenarian academic who has a string of convictions in France for denying the existence of Nazi death camps in World War II.

Amongst an eclectic audience at Le Zenith, the largest music and theatre auditorium in Paris, were the far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen, several figures on the French far-left and a popular, television quiz show host, Julien Lepers.

The award was handed to M. Faurisson – to enormous applause – by a stage-hand dressed as a Jewish deportee, with a yellow star on his chest. . .

At the end of his new show, “J’ai fait le con” (I acted the fool), Dieudonne summoned M. Faurisson from the audience. The former professor of literature, aged 80, looked astonished as he was handed “a prize for social unacceptability and insolence”.

“I am not used to this kind of reception,” he told the cheering audience. “I am supposed to be a historical gangster.”

M. Faurission has several convictions in France for denying the existence of the Nazi death camps and any plan by Nazi Germany to destroy Jews, gypsies and other “subhumans” and undesirables. . .

According to The Independent:

Some French commentators accuse Dieudonne of using antisemitism as a way of gaining publicity for his shows. Others point out that the comedian’s plunge into extremist politics has largely ruined what was a successful career as a stand-up comedian and film actor (in, amongst other movies, “Asterix and Cleopatra”).

When M. Faurisson appeared on stage at Le Zenith, Dieudonne told the audience: “Your applause is going to be heard a long way from here (this) handshake is already a scandal in itself.”

The article can be read in its entirety at:


(Photo credit: ibn Kafka)


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