-CANADA’S INDO-CANADIAN AND JEWISH COMMUNITIES come together for a Mumbai solidarity rally against terrorism


Canada remembers Mumbai’s victims.

“We, the People of Canada declare war on terror today.”


TORONTO, DECEMBER 7, 2008 (jewishinfonews) –  Today in Toronto, in the aftermath of the devastating terrorist attacks in Mumbai, Toronto’s Indo-Canadian and Jewish communities stood side-by-side in a solidarity rally against terrorism to express an unequivocal anti-terrorism message in solidarity with the people of Mumbai.

Nearly 200 people were killed and hundreds more were wounded in this month’s terrorist attacks on Mumbai. Victims came from all countries and faiths including at least six Jewish hostages inside Mumbai’s Chabad Centre.

“This is an important opportunity for Canadians to come together in support of India at a time of grave tragedy and in honour of the nearly 200 victims who were killed and hundreds more who were injured, including Canadians,” said Manoj Pundit, spokesperson for the Canada India Foundation.

The rally, attended by over 1,500 people, was organised by The Canada India Foundation,  the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce and the United Jewish Appeal (UJA Federation Toronto), who partnered with many organisations including, Canadian Jewish Congress, Muslim Canadian Congress, B’nai Brith Canada and the Hindu Federation of Canada.

Over 70 organisations of all faiths and cultures attended an emotional candle lighting ceremony for those killed and wounded.  The individual names of those murdered were read out and memorial candles were lit in their honour, as well as to those wounded. “Let us stand together to fight terrorism,” was the cry of the rally. “Action Pledge” forms declaring “We, the People of Canada declare war on Terror Today,” were given to everyone  to sign.

Jason Kenney, Canada’s Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism on behalf of the Government of Canada remarked, “We stand in solidarity with the victims and their families.” He also made reference to those killed previously by terrorists in Tel Aviv, Bali, London and New York.

(Photo credit: Canada India Foundation)


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