-MUMBAI: Pakistani defence analyst accuses “Hindu Zionists and Mossad”


Rabbi Holtzberg and family

Rabbi Holtzberg and family

DECEMBER 3, 2008-  Well, it had to happen. It’s just a surprise it took this long. The first comment comes from the Muslim Brotherhood’s official English-language web site:

“The firing by terrorists began from Nariman House–which is the only building in Mumbai inhabited by Jews. Some Hindu Gujaratis of the Nariman area spoke live on several TV channels–they openly said that the firing by terrorists began from Nariman House. And that for two years suspicious activities were going on in this house. But no one took notice. Our worst fears have come true. It is clear that Mossad is involved in the whole affair. An entire city has been attacked by Mossad and probably units of mercenaries. It is not possible for one single organization to plan and execute such a sophisticated operation.”

Not to be outdone, Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid, a so-called Pakistani consultant and strategic defence analyst, said on Pakistan’s News One TV channel:

“[The Mumbai massacre] was a plan hatched by Hindu Zionists, Western Zionists and Mossad. They [the terrorists] look like Hindus. No Pakistani speaks the language they chatted in.”

Hamid added:

“It was a badly planned operation that had gone horribly wrong. The Americans executed the 9/11 attack perfectly. They managed the media very well. The Indians tried to repeat the formula but goofed up. The idiots made a complete mess of it.”

According to Hamid, “the attackers wore saffron Hindu Zionist bands, which no Muslim would tie.”

Such is the world of topsy-turveydom in which many people believe in.

(Photo credit: Chroman Foundation)

The complete stories can be read on the following two sites:



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