-ISRAEL and DURBAN II: The battle from within. Israeli Arab organisation says Israel is an apartheid state





DECEMBER 3, 2008Ittijah, the Union of the Arab Community Based Organizations, based in Haifa, is an umbrella organization for Palestinian non-governmental organizations (NGOs). It regards the State of Israel as a racist and apartheid state. 

The following is an English translation of a recent article by Ittijah regarding the decision by Israel to follow Canada’s lead to boycott the Durban II 2009 Conference. 

How fortunate it is that the principals of this organisation live in a democratic country. 

“The announcement of the Israeli Foreign Minister to boycott the second Durban Conference for the fight against racism is a comedy and blackmail . . . 

The purpose of this maneuver is to reject any attempt to impeach the State of Israel as racist and colonial. 

It is also a blackmailing antisemitic technique in order to silence public opinion that supports the Palestinian right opposed to crimes against humanity committed by Israel and rejects any reference to a racist Jewish state for Jews. 

The second Durban Conference organized by the Council of Human Rights of the United Nations in Geneva in April 2009, will review the situation of the fight against racism in the world since the first Durban Conference in 2001. 

The Union of Arab civil associations – Ittijah, which has consultative status with the United Nations plays an active role in the formation of an alliance of NGOs Palestinian-Arab, regional and international attempt to influence the conference call and to take sanctions against Israel. It would be illusory without a joint Palestinian, Arab and international dam to be dictated by Israel and its ally always the United States. 

The Union of Arab Associations tries to create the broadest coalition of Palestinian-Arab support, and internationally calls on civil society organizations, the movement of international solidarity, the boycott movement, the movement against normalization with Israel, and all political forces, labour, non-governmental, secular and religious organizations and Palestinian communities to coordinate, share the work and support the initiative launched by Palestinian civil society in the homeland and the diaspora to boycott Israel, impose sanctions, an entity similar to colonial and racist, and equate Zionism with racism. 

This is the slogan that has presided over the first Durban Conference ‘Zionism equals racism – Israel equals apartheid’.”

(Photo Credit: Ittijah)



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