Alan March 2009By Alan Simons

gov-palinOCTOBER 23, 2008  -As the U.S. presidential election of 2008 draws to its conclusion, we cannot but wonder why U.S. vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, by all accounts a self-declared ‘voracious reader’, has decided to go public and announce that: “I always wanted a son named Zamboni.”

According to a report written by the Associated Press, that is exactly what Palin told People magazine. The article will be published this Friday.

There are possibly two or more ridiculous reasons why Palin has suddenly gone public with this utterly fascinating news.

–  To get all the hockey moms to vote for her.

–  One of her favourite musical groups are The Zambonis, so-called ‘North America’s All-Hockey Band’.

Be my guest if you think of other examples.

Certainly Palin’s advisors didn’t tell her a shortened version of Zamboni is Zambo, a racist term that is used by some to identify individuals in Hispanic America who are of mixed African and Amerindian ancestry. (There goes her Hispanic vote).

All of this must of course be encouraging news for many exasperated Republicans and certainly will go a long way to enhance America’s current status with her allies and foes alike. You betcha!

It is universally recognised that there are three traits of leadership that relate to success: Intelligence, Communications Skills and the Ability to Access Group Goals.

Observing Sarah Palin’s verbal and non verbal language, her vocal and facial characteristics, her hand gestures, her cultural conditioning, her lack of ability to make fast and accurate communication evaluations, as well as the above traits, shows her weakness and impotence for the task ahead as Vice President.

From a very proud country, during this election I have spoken to many decent and hard working people from all political sides. They have expressed their frustration as to how many of their elected officials have taken them on the road to become, what they believe, is a laughing stock on the world stage.

To strengthen national identity, this is not the time the U.S. needs self-declared Mavericks.  We all need a strong foundation, a stable political and economic environment. This is a basic requirement for human and economic development.

Comments from Sarah Palin declaring that she wants a son named Zamboni do nothing to attain our respect for her. As a vice-presidential candidate, she is an embarrassment to all that is good in America.


This item has no place in this blog. It is a straight-out (but unpersuasive) character-assassination attack against the Republican candidate that has no relevance to Jewish issues. By the way, Joe Biden, Palin’s opponent, has made even bigger and much more significant blunders and gaffs, to such a point that he was effectively sequestered from the media toward the end of the presidential campaign. But this is all beside the point. More to the point would be comment on Sarah Palin’s, Barrack Obama’s, John McCain’s and Joe Biden’s views concerning specifically Jewish issues such as Israel and the Palestinians, the threat of Iran’s use of nuclear weapons to wipe out Israel, effective response to jihadi Islam, etc. That would be relevant, and in that regard there can be no fault to find with Sarah Palin nor with John McCain, whereas Obama’s position on Iran for example rather typically leaves a lot of wiggle room for cop-out when the chips are down. The chips will be down within the coming year or two, and Israel’s very survival may be at stake.

Evan Zuesse, Australia.|November 10, 2008



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