-IRAN’S BRAVE WOMEN: We salute you.



 JULY 14, 2008 –  iw1“Since the establishment of the Islamic government in Iran in 1979, women have counted as one-half of a man. They do not get the custody of their children. They do not have the choice in their clothing, residence, leaving the house, working, education or travelling without the permission of their husband. The age at which girls are allowed to marry is nine. Men can divorce the women at any time they wish and can marry several wives in addition to them. Girls inherit one-half of that which boys do and so on.

State-owned press reports that in Tehran, 120 women have been hung in public in the first five months of the Iranian year; that suicide among the women of Iran has been the highest in world history.

The young generation of Iranian women has again declared war against the Mullahs of Iran, but this time the power of government is against them. The paramilitary forces of the Islamic regime make it impossible for the women to protest against their inhumane laws. There are home invasions and early morning arrests of the women activists at all times. Zahra Kazemi, a photojournalist, was one of the many women who was beaten, tortured and finally killed under torture in Tehran’s Evin prison, all because she was taking photos of the families of political prisoners who had gathered for their loved ones in front of that very prison. Sixteen-year-old Atefeh Rajabi was hung in public because she was falsely accused by a Mullah of having “relations” with a man. And these are just a tiny account of the plight of women in Iran.  

A group of women attempted to establish a political party. They have been in the 209 – solitary – section of the dreaded Evin prison for the last nine months.

Last year another group of women attempted to collect one million signatures against the unjust Mullah laws. Hundreds of women joined them nationwide in less than 48 hours to collect signatures, but they were all arrested, beaten and imprisoned. One year later on June 12th, 2008, nine more women were arrested from the crowd that had gathered in the town square commemorating the last year’s arrests.”

(Photo credit: www.iranian.com)

 Content Source –  www.FamilySecurityMatters.org  Contributing Editors Manda Zand-Ervin and Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi, mother and daughter, are Iranian activists and president and co-founder of Alliance of Iranian Women. http://www.a-i-w.org/


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