JULY 13, 2008 –  Today, the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) reported from Cairo that, “Egyptian security forces have picked up 30 Africans, including women and children, as they tried to infiltrate into Israel. . .

Coming from Sudan, Eritrea, Ghana and Ethiopia, the Africans were arrested in a police raid on a house near the Suez Canal, where they were waiting to cross into Sinai on their way to the border to infiltrate into Israel, the MENA said.

Security has been tightened up on the roads leading up to Sinai in a bid to thwart the infiltration of Africans into Israel.

Earlier last week, gunmen shot dead an Egyptian police officer who tried to stop them from helping African migrants cross the border. Many African migrants frequently try to cross into the Jewish state from Egypt each year in pursuit of work there.”

And this to what Israel’s enemies call an aparthied state?  We can only wonder what spin the Socialist Worker, Coalition against Israeli Apartheid and the scores of NGOs who denounce Israel whatever opportunity they have at their disposal, will want to put on this unhappy situation.


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