Darfur. “It has been claimed that global imperialism and Zionism are to blame for the conflict.”

JULY 9, 2008 –  MEMRI, The Middle East Research Institute, reported today that,  “A group of 36 non-governmental organizations from 12 Arab countries recently formed the Arab Coalition for Darfur, aimed at rallying the Arab world to find a solution for the Darfur crisis. The coalition was established at the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers, recently held in Kampala, Uganda.”

At the conclusion of the meeting, the coalition produced what seems at first glance a well-meaning statement. It includes comments such as:

“Though two million [people] now take refuge in enormous refugee camps, the Muslim world continues to ignore the humanitarian crisis in Darfur. The appalling humanitarian situation may deteriorate still further, since the daily attacks on aid workers continue. . .  Continued silence in the face of the events in Darfur will have disastrous consequences for the member states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference. . .  The Muslim world must take a decision to breach the wall of silence before it is too late  . . . For a long time now, the Muslim world – its governments, its peoples, and its nongovernmental organizations – has responded to the daily massacres and to the suffering of millions of Muslims in Darfur with total silence.”

Unfortunately, but perhaps not surprisingly, the Arab Coalition for Darfur’s statement goes to great length to make sure we are reminded that the atrocities taking place to their Muslim brothers in Darfur – they make no recognition of the existence of Darfur’s minority Christian community – is no less real than the suffering of the Palestinians.

“The suffering of the Muslims in Darfur is [no less] real as that of [the Muslims] in Palestine and Iraq. Most of the responsibility [for the crisis] lies with local parties [involved] in the conflict, who have overstepped all boundaries [and have violated] the Geneva Conventions regarding the protection of civilians in times of war. They have come to the point of burning villages, [committing] murder and rape, attacking aid workers, and deporting and exiling thousands, if not millions, of innocent civilians [from their homes]. We must acknowledge the atrocities that are occurring in Darfur on a daily basis, just as [we acknowledge] the ones occurring in Palestine and Iraq. The Muslim world has a moral obligation to oppose injustice and oppression wherever they occur.”

The coalition also can’t help to remind us that:

“It has been claimed that global imperialism and Zionism are to blame for the conflict [in Darfur]. We have formed this coalition in order to show solidarity with our brothers in Darfur, and to highlight other aspects of the Darfur crisis which have nothing to do with the West or with imperialism.”

This absurd statement continues to suggest to its readers that blaming the Zionists for the conflict cannot entirely be ruled out.

Coming to grips with the honest realities of Darfur, the Arab coalition shows us their true face at time of crisis, their total obsession with equating Israel with everything wretched in this world.

The entire report in English can be read at: http://www.memri.org/bin/latestnews.cgi?ID=SD197908



  1. Racism is on the rise, just shocking that we’re not able to learn from history. My ethnic tribe “Tutsi” have been labeled “Jews of Africa”, this is a message they (Hutu tribes and their Middle East and some African Nations) use to develop a genocide ideology against Tutsi, claiming that Tutsi want to form a Tutsi empire! We recently started seeing Iran, President Bashir of Sudan, Libyan Leader Gaddafi align themselves with Hutu, supplying military training, cash and weapons, plus political lobbying at the UN and African union in favor of full Hutu power.

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