-AND YOU THINK YOUR LIFE is complicated?


July 7, 2008 – (Syria Comment and Haaretz) A former senior Israeli diplomat has asserted that Syria is willing to cut its close relations with Iran in return for financial and military backing from the United States, the Sunday Telegraph (UK) reported.

Alon Liel, a former director general of the foreign ministry, told the British newspaper that Syrian President Bashar Assad is increasingly open to a peace deal with Israel which would greatly weaken Iran’s influence in the Middle East.

June 20, 2008 – (jewishinfoNews >>>/DEBKAfile/IRNA) – Earlier this week, DEBKAfile reported that Tehran had offered to share its ‘nuclear experience’ with Syria.

The offer came from Iran’s ambassador to Syria, Sayyed Ahmed Moussavi. He cited July [2008]  as the date for their officials to meet.  DEBKAfile’s military sources say Iran’s willingness to defy its obligations under the non-proliferation treaty by offering a nuclear capability to Syria across the border from Israel brings Tehran’s threat to wipe Israel off the map much closer to home. It is a mark of contempt for Washington and the US-led Western sanctions.

May 29, 2008  (jewishinfoNews >>>) reported that Iran and Syria had signed a new defense cooperation pact.  ‘The two countries pledge their mutual support regarding territorial independence and integrity in terms of international and regional authorities.’


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