-UNHRC: A Complete Fraud


The UNHRC: A History of Hypocrisy

JUNE 3, 2008 –  The UN Human Rights Council (HRC) has once again proven itself to be a complete sham. During last week’s General Assembly elections, the UN selected 15 countries to serve three-year terms within the HRC. Of those 15 new member States, five—Pakistan, Bahrain, Burkina Faso, Gabon and Zambia—have come under fire for human rights violations.

These five countries are not the only questionable members with seats on the Human Rights Council, however. More than one third of the HRC member States (16 of 47) are members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), which has a spotty record on human rights issues. Five of the 16 OIC members with seats in the HRC (Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt and Indonesia) were listed in the ICC 2008 Hall of Shame report as being among the world’s worst persecutors of Christians. Crimes against Christians have included forced conversion to Islam, detainment, arrests, imprisonment, rape and murder.

The OIC members of the Human Rights Council have a disturbing history of protecting the rights and beliefs of Muslims, while pointedly ignoring the plight of Christians who are victims of Islamic jihad. In March, for example, the OIC members drafted and passed a UN-sanctioned resolution that calls for the reporting of all instances of defamation of religions, and “in particular [emphasis added-where is the emphasis? I don’t see it] on the serious implications of Islamaphobia.” In reality, this resolution is a cleverly-disguised attempt by Muslim countries to extend repressive blasphemy laws to the entire world. In response to such events as the Danish cartoon “crisis,” Muslim countries want the rest of the world to abide by the same laws against insulting Muhammad or the Quran that are currently in force in places like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. When it comes to defaming other religions, however, such as Christianity or Buddhism, Muslim countries show no signs of tolerance.

Here are just a few recent examples that prove the hypocrisy of the resolution—and the council that enforced it:

1) In the resolution, the HRC states that it “deplores the use of the print, audio-visual and electronic media, including the internet, and any other means to incite acts of violence, xenophobia or related intolerance and discrimination towards Islam or any religion.” Saudi Arabia (a member of OIC and the HRC) apparently has no qualms about using the media to incite intolerance and discrimination, however.

On March 30, leading Saudi cleric Muhammad Al-Munajid conducted an interview on Al-Majd TV, in which he called Westerners and journalists “lowlifes” and “fools and heretics” and spoke of the danger of people turning to Christianity and Buddhism if given too much freedom. He said that freedom “is very dangerous.”

2) The HRC resolution claims to “strongly deplore physical attacks and assaults on businesses, cultural centers and places of worship of all religions as well as targeting of religious symbols,” but a number of HRC member States are guilty of such attacks.

The Indonesian Human Rights Commission recently stated that violence against churches is “common in the provinces of West Java, Banten, Central Java, South Sulawesi and Bengkulu.” Furthermore, in Pakistan, mob attacks on churches have become routine. A church graveyard was destroyed just last week, and in March, a mob attacked a church and injured the pastor and a number of parishioners. During the attack, the Muslim attackers reportedly insulted Jesus Christ. Four days earlier, an unknown assailant had slashed the throat of a nun. The government itself might not be responsible for the attacks, but they are certainly failing taking action to prevent them.

These are just a few of the numerous examples of violence and discrimination that Christians face in the very countries that have been elected to the UN Human Rights Council. And until the UN stops electing countries that ignore the human rights violations in their own backyards, the UN Human Rights Council will continue to be a complete fraud.

Source: International Christian Concern’s “Crossing the Bridge” June 3, 2008

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