This past Friday,  The Vancouver Sun published an article on the increase in hate crimes committed in the city. They have doubled since 2006.  

Home to about 23,000 Jews, the article states 66 per cent of hate crimes in Vancouver are aimed at Jews, gays and lesbians.

Swastikas scrawled on synagogues, insults and fists flung at gay men in Stanley Park and the unprovoked beating of an elderly Chinese man on a transit bus.

These are examples of what Vancouver police categorize as hate crimes.

Surrounded by spectacular natural beauty, the City of Vancouver, population 600,000,  is recognized as one of the world’s most livable cities. In 2010 it will be the Host City of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

The article also states:

In the past, many hate crimes went undetected because civilian officers weren’t aware of the 200 or so symbols connected with hate graffiti or verbal slurs fired at visible minorities, said Vancouver police Det. Tim Houchen.

“If you saw a swastika, what would you think? If you saw 88, what would you think?” asked Houchen, who heads the VPD’s diversity policing unit.

The number 8814 carries the same meaning as the swastika, but not many people know it, he explained.

“It was treated as graffiti. It was undetected and unreported.”

A Canadian Jewish Congress website indicates 88 corresponds to the letters HH, which stand for “Heil Hitler.” It says the number 14 is code for a neo-Nazi slogan by U.S. racist David Lane, now serving 190 years for racketeering and violating civil rights. The 14-word slogan is: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

The complete article can be read at:


Photo: Tourism BC

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