The following message appeared on the OneVoice Forum web site. Read it. 

I’m 15 years old and fully aware of the conflict and how in particular it has affected the younger generation of Palestinians, Israelis, Muslims and Jews.

Over the past few months through the website facebook.com I have come into contact with Muslim and Jewish teenagers from around the world and Palestinians and Israelis who I have been talking to about the conflict and the inherent and inescapable hate felt for the other side.

Many of the teenagers I spoke to seemed to not realise there were many moderate thinkers on the other side so since then I have been trying to spread the awareness among people my age that there are in fact people who want to solve the situation.

My commitment therefore is to carry on the group I have on facebook, directed at teenagers who want to resolve the conflict where they can discuss suggestions regarding the peace process and more importantly realise that even if we all have differing views, we can work together and that since we are the young generation we do have a major responsibility to end the conflict.

From there I would like somehow for schools in Israel and in Gaza/West Bank as well as Jewish and Muslims schools worldwide (and even other schools also to gather) for a seminar where young people who want to end the conflict can discuss alternatives – and raise the awareness to the governments to do something about the situation without violence wherever possible.

Ed. Note: OneVoice, aims to amplify the voice of the overwhelming but heretofore silent majority of Israelis and Palestinians who wish to end the conflict. Since its inception in 2002, OneVoice has empowered ordinary citizens to demand accountability from elected representatives and ensure that the political agenda is not hijacked by extremists.

The main focus of OneVoice’s work to date has been building a grassroots infrastructure of moderates in Israel and Palestine. This process will continue for the One Million Voices Campaign, with expanded local canvassing, recruitment, and programming.

OneVoice aims to extend its outreach into villages, towns, and refugee camps throughout the region through monthly events on each side of the conflict.

OneVoice has already amassed more than 600,000 Israeli and Palestinian signatories, (49% are Palestinian) and it aims to reach one million through the campaign, in order to demonstrate to the leadership and the people on both sides that there is a partner for negotiations and conflict resolution.



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