Czech right-wing extremists defy the authorities. Will march on anniversary of Kristallnacht

Prague- Czech right-wing extremists have decided to march through the former Prague Jewish Quarter on Saturday, the anniversary of the Kristallnacht anti-Jew pogrom in Nazi Germany, despite the official ban on the march, the Young National Democrats association writes on its website.

The planned march has been criticised by a number of Jewish organisations and politicians, and it has raised protests abroad.

Opponents of the extremists want to block their way through Prague. The Jewish Liberal Union reserved the Jewish Quarter for its own event on November 10.

Some 1400 policemen will be deployed to prevent street fights.

The Town Hall has declared that it will dissolve the extremist march on the spot.

“We consider the bans of all alternative routes and dates of the march to be the Town Hall’s wish that we use the original route of the march…We will meet its wish,” the extremists write on the website.

The extremists are to meet between 15:00 and 16:00 in Brehova street in Prague’s centre.

According to some information, tens of extremists will come to Prague from abroad, mainly Slovakia and Germany, to join the march, so there is a threat of violent conflicts.

The foreigner police announced it would prevent any foreign extremists from entering the country in cooperation with police from other countries.


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