-CANADIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION (CBC) charged with biased news report


Reporter “whitewashes” her story.

Honest Reporting Canada, an organisation whose mandate includes ensuring fair and accurate coverage of the Middle East in Canadian media, this week said the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s (CBC) airing of an Al Jazeera news report regarding Israel’s Ketziot Prison riot was one-sided:

When news organizations borrow and feature reports from other media outlets, they are responsible to vet that content to ensure that it is editorially fit for broadcast, fair and balanced, and void of erroneous information.

The October 24 broadcast of CBC Around the World featured a one-sided report by Al Jazeera English’s Jacky Rowland, where she covered the aftermath of a Palestinian riot in Israel’s Ketziot Prison.

Her report featured a broader discussion about Palestinian prisoners where she whitewashed the inmates by describing them as “widely respected fighters against the occupation.”

Absent from Ms. Rowland’s report, the fact that many of these prisoners have “blood on their hands”, Israel’s term for people involved in fatal attacks against Israelis.

Ms. Rowland’s report made no reference to the fact that many of these prisoners were jailed for conducting terror attacks against Israelis, and therefore many of them have, in the parlance of the Israeli-Arab conflict, “blood on their hands.”

As a result of Rowland presenting only the Palestinian perspective, CBC viewers were left with the impression that most Palestinian prisoners are political prisoners, not gunmen, bombers, etc., who have been unjustly detained by Israeli prison authorities.

Prior to its broadcast, CBC editors viewed this report, judged that it was editorially sound, and were content in airing its contents to a Canadian audience.

The entire news report can be heard at : http://www.honestreportingcanada.net/CBCAroundTheWorldOct23.wmv

Ed. note: Honest Reporting Canada is an organisation dedicated to ensuring that Canada’s news media – whether print or electronic, and whether national, local, academic or alternative – reflect the highest journalistic standards in news, information and investigative reporting.


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